Time looking for the real news

            It should be apparent to many of you that non-issue issues are the talk of the day. Our national conversation seems to be on whether a mosque should be built near ground zero, or if marriage between two people of the same sex is really a marriage at all. All the while real issues such as the economy and our decaying infrastructure continue to elude national debate.

            Victims of our own twenty-four hour news feeds, Americans have lowered the bar as to what is really important. Such as a functioning government that provides a structure within we may have civil laws and ordered society allowing us to function within our own daily lives, and to be part of a country that at one time had the credo “land of the free!”

             Apparently the fact that Lindsay Lohan had, “FU,” nail polished on her fingers is as worthy of a news item to be discussing as to where the oil went when the BP leak in the Gulf of Mexico was finally plugged. Guided like robots the American people seem to consider news items presented to them all worthy of consideration, despite the fact TV producers often are just looking to fill space.

            The latest item spit out of the news merry go-round and to raise eyebrows and lower expectations for serious news items to be considered are the age-old argument of gay marriage. Is a union between two of the same sex a real marriage?  It is if you have to get a lawyer to get a divorce! But seriously folks that argument won’t get you across that crumbling bridge or down that interstate system overcrowded way beyond its original daily traffic load. For those of you driving south on I-95 today; you have my sympathies.

             Does it really matter to you that Sarah Palin has formed a PAC (Political Action Committee), characteristically called, the Momma Grizzlies?  The purpose of her efforts is to fight, “that thar Obama and Pelosi,” who are hurting our children. How are they hurting our children? Not sure. Doubt she is either, but the idea of a mother protecting her children is the kind of innate emotional tug that endears us all to feel this is something important we need to pay attention to. Just more fuel on the fire of distrust and hate that apparently certain news networks consider important news. There is an old saying that goes, “you are what you eat! “  I wonder if that could be expanded to also include you are what you listen to? In that case, we are in real trouble.

            Once again America finds itself in the bobble head/real news commentary cycle. Someone makes a personal statement and then a news caster reports on it. Then the bubbleheads all cheer in on what the newscasters has said making the original comment newsworthy. Making a personal statement into an actual news story when in fact in was based on hearsay, innuendo and personal opinion. No wonder everyone is wondering where can we get real news anymore?


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