Time for One Less Democrat

            Well I did it. After so many years of grimacing and bending my way of thinking into acknowledging that their ideas and mine were pretty much in sync, I’ve finally realized it’s time to part company with the party. I’m sure I will get the letter from the party headquarters asking me to come back, maybe even asking why I left.  I’m afraid for me though; the party is over!

             The straw that broke the camels back was the recent inability of Congress to pass legislation that would have paid the health benefits of ground zero fireman and others that performed such brave selfless acts for the good of all Americans. Despite the toxic air that the EPA was years in agreeing did actually exist that day, these brave Americans put their health on the line looking for survivors and risking their lives every step of the way. The bill, which Democrats clearly had the votes to pass, failed because someone decided that passage of the bill should be decided by means other than just a simple majority of votes. Also attached to the bill was a banking measure that would have increased taxes on those doing banking off shore! Oops, how did that get in there? Not sure how you do it, but give this Democratic Congress a chance to shoot good legislation in the foot and they have time and time again.

            Now don’t go getting all excited that I have suddenly gone over to the other side. No, the Republican stonewalling of legislation in favor of big business and their constant attacks on the President have turned our legislative process into a quid pro quo process. And face it, middle calss America has nothing they want. Their daily attacks on this president serve no purpose but to put fear in the hearts of people and to discourage any interested in changing the way Wahington is run  to just give up; what use is it! To them, unless big business is served first, nothing gets passed and sadly for us way too many Democrats, are running ekected Democrats but vote the same way the Republicans do!

             Such as my own representative, Jason Altmire, and his bailing on the Health Care plan. I must say enough is enough. I and hundreds of other Western Pennsylvanians put him in office to get health care passed. He passed it ok. Or should I say, passed on it.

            The bailout of Wall Street and not Main Street is a fine example of what is important to those we elect. The idea that the better health a corporation has the better chance work will trickle down to its fewer and fewer employees, is just fantasy news radio and TV bobble head blabber.

            One day, maybe someone will realize that people make up corporations and that the skewing of wages away from the workers into the hands of the few at the top is bad business all around.  If we need socialism to end that, the sooner the better. America’s middle class is finding their voice getting weaker and weaker in the halls of Congress. I can assure you when that voice becomes silent the working man in this country will be in big trouble.           

             So which side did I decide to choose? Did I go Green, Libertarian, or Seventh Day Adventist? Not going to tell ya. Just keep reading.

PS:     On that letter asking me why I left? Don’t hold your breath!!!


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