Time Mosque phobic

            Psssssssst, “hey buddy. Want to build a Mosque?”  Not likely any time soon here in America. Apparently our news bubbleheads have developed a new phobia of Mosques and despite all the denials that freedom of religion is not being discussed; its freedom of religion no way about it.

             If you aren’t up on the latest non news issue, filling the 24hr news airways let me catch up. Take a deep breath, this is a long sentence.  A certain person of religious background who may or may not have ties to dirty money supplied by people who don’t necessarily like America but like making money, given the fact they are one of the largest financial backers of Fox news, has petitioned the City of New York to convert a Burlington coat factory site, now an abandoned thirteen story building, into a recreation center and culinary school, and which on the top two floors they want to put a mediation center. That center some are saying may well become a possible terrorist hang out and indoctrination school because it will also be mosque like. And it’s all just a couple of blocks away from ground zero!

             The idea that anyone would allow this to happen here should be driving all Americans crazy with furor! If ever there was a story wrought with half facts and fearful innuendo promoted by those with nothing but time to fill this is it. And we can add to this, the raised from the dead news story of just what religion is the President. Is he a Muslim or is he a born again Christian? Hmmmmm, weighty stuff that will neither help get you mortgage relief or to be able to trade that clunker in and get a new Ford truck.  

            How dare these Moslems build so close to this national shrine, goes the bubblehead cry!? To hear them talk the plans call for leveling the building and adding a new addition to the New York skyline of golden curly cone domes and turban clad hordes massing to pray. Ever been to New York? No one would notice.

            But before you join in on the fray, can you remember one thing. As Keith Oberman so rightly pointed out last week, our last combat troops pulled out of Iran with far less news fanfare than the over four thousand men and women who gave their lives there deserved. If you recall our key reason for going was to free the Iraqi people from, weapons of mass destruction, a dictator and to give them their religious freedom back. And apparently we have been successful in our efforts to do so.   

            So if it was important enough for us to send in the troops to die so that Muslims can worship where they want to, why are we making it such a big deal that they can’t worship here in the land of religious freedom? Just because a couple of nut jobs have hijacked this religion to bully the rest of the world into giving them their fifteen minutes of fame we put all we believe in and were founded on into a bag and hide it for a while? Let’s hope not.

             The irony of all this is that there is already a Mosque within the boundaries of ground zero. It has been there for years. In fact longer than the World Trade Center itself. Just down the street. Doors open for business. I would suppose they as of late have been wondering when their eviction notice was going to come! Perhaps to some, it would be a great new mission for our troops to take up when they come. And perhaps not!

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