Time for some old cliche’s

             “It is not the arrow, it’s the Indian!” Basically this tells you that despite the quality of tools you play the game with the ultimate responsibility with how you fare in any game is your responsibility.Success or failure depends on you. For those who make their living blaming the government for everything that has gone wrong lately we would do well to remember that old adage. One has to remember this when things go bad in government. It does matter who we elect!

            You get what you pay for. Hiring ex-Wall street bankers to get us out of the worst financial crisis in our history was a mistake. Surely someone working as an outsider not privy to the actual goings on of Wall Street could have done a better job. Looking at the choices of the past several Presidents however, apparently only people from Wall Street knows how to work with Wall Street. You can add insult to injury when most, after their tenure in government, returned to their old jobs.  Or jobs of a much better nature in the same field, and often in the same office space. Apparently we need to change the national mantra.  Perhaps we need to change our country’s mantra from,  “Life, liberty and the pursuit of freedom” to “strife, debt avoidance and the pursuit of a buck”.

            Money is the root of all evil. The problem starts with the kind of money candidates are spending to get elected. Figures that would make a politician of days gone by truly roll over in the grave. In this last primary season, one candidate spent twenty-five million dollars to get elected or should I say for the opportunity to run in a primary and when the votes were cast, he lost. Okay, when I spend two hundred dollars at Best Buy, I want to be walking out with something worth two hundred dollars. How do they do that and not have us believing they are insane?

            Because our system allows them to do it mostly on raised money from those who want to see them get elected. But what kind of salesperson can convince enough people to raise twenty million dollars to let them try to get elected? Add to this, they lost the election. Had they been elected logic tells us that person is going to be working for anyone but the ones who didn’t give them money.   

            Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, ugh, shame on Santa Clause? (Sorry George B, that one is yours.) A fool and his money are soon parted, in the highflying world of those that have and those who want more.  The seeking of political office was once a job of distinction, of honor. Apparently candidates are now more or less created and defined by polls, focus groups and parties pushing their own agendas. Your party, be it Tea, Dem, Repub, Libertarian or Green needs a “front man.” A front man who once established can put others in place to see that maybe, just maybe some things get done the way you want them. So let me re-cap:

            It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian. You get what you pay for. Money is the root of all evil. A fool and his money are soon parted.  Need I say anymore?


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