Time fumbling around in the Tea Party pantry

             I fondly remember tea parties with my daughter many, many years ago. The basic premise was that we would drink make believe tea, while sitting on a blanket in the front yard under her favorite tree. Lots of flakey British courtesy, “Shall I pour another for you?” And, “Oh these cookies are so nice.” Well apparently, being part of the latest political Tea Party movement is a lot like that. Only you need to use your imagination a lot more than I ever did.  Oh if we vote for you, will you make our lives better, and lower our taxes and make those spending Democrats stop?  “Oh yes I will. Oh yes I will!”

            Apparently a large dose of naiveties comes with being a member of that association. After all, once elected don’t their candidates have the ability to think on their own and vote for any issue according to their own thoughts and beliefs?  Yeah they do, but given the quality of candidates that are getting elected as Tea men and women, if I was in the Republican Party mainstream, I would be a bit concerned about who might be coming to town as one of my new neighbors.

            Take the man seeking the governorship of New York, who was elected on the Tea for less government ticket. Mr. Palladino sent offensive e-mails to his buddies during the campaign and was neither apologetic about it nor thought there was a problem passing along information that was both racist and offensive to anyone concerned about sex between horses and people! His platform also calls for rounding up those on welfare and sending them to prison camps to learn better personal hygiene. Truly he comes from the good ol boy network of thinking. This multi-millionaire that has made his fortune renting properties to the state at some pretty high rents calls himself an outsider ready to get the government of New York back in shape. Hey you gotta problem with that?

              It is good to know that Palladino and the other Tea time party candidates are all joining the lock step Republican Party. A party that traditionally votes not so much to see good legislation get passed, but to keep their jobs. Granted these last few months that kind of unity in the Democratic Party would be certainly refreshing to see, but let’s face it, it’s not going to happen.  Democrats are all on different pages everyday, no matter what the cause and despite what they promise when they go to Washington they vote their own minds.

            Take my local representative, Jason Altmire.  I voted for him to go to Washington to vote for health care. I also sent him there to support the president’s efforts to get the economy back in order, after eight years of Republican over spending. Well, he voted against health care and the president’s efforts to get any handle on the financial crisis. Because, as he tells me, he is his own man and thinks for himself and will stand up to Washington, no matter what I elected him to do. Democrats who vote more like Republicans; can you say Lieberman? 

             A recent check of candidates running for office this fall has found Democrats denying they are even Democrats. None asking for credit for their part in saving the economy from financial disaster, nor that they passed the first health care legislation bill ever. If they aren’t proud of what they did, then why should we want to re-elect them?

Reminds me of those Republicans who ran for office two years ago, asking George Bush not to campaign for them, but then again his phone may be ringing pretty soon. “Sir, would you like to come to a Tea Party??


One thought on “Time fumbling around in the Tea Party pantry

  1. Rudy Guy

    George, I seriously hope that you don’t think Obamacare is what you wanted in healthcare! As it is implemented it is going to prove to be the biggest cluster in American history. In the last presidential election people voted “against” Bush, not “for” Obama. If Hillary had won the nomination we would have had our first female president instead of our first African-American president. Obama has spent a lot of money with the help of Nancy Pelosi and just look at how the economy has turned itself around. Oh, it hasn’t?! Has Obama kept his “no pork-belly” promise? Ah, NO! Hell, he never even read the entire Obamacare bill. You are correct in one regard, politicians will do what they want to do; constituents be damned. Just look at “one-term” Boccieri here in Ohio. He voted for Obamacare and now he’s going to pay for that vote!

    Rudy….Well if people had wanted Hillary I bet she would have won the primaries..as for what the conservatives have so negativley labled Obama Care, the jury is still out.. Regarding reading bills, I believe that same thing happend with the Patriot Act and well, you would have thought someone would have learned their lesson!! Thanks for your comments

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