Time waiting for change that never comes

                       Anyone who voted for change two years ago and has been watching the political process here in America unfold as of late, is probably not feeling too good about the upcoming elections. Should the Republican Party succeed in its efforts to gain its power back, and from most news sources this is a very good possibility, the question on everyone’s lips has to be, what happened to change for the better?

             Party politics aside, these last two years the Democrats have been anything but a unified Party. It was almost as if someone handed them a piece of paper and said our new agenda is, “change!” and they had no idea what to do with it. Their efforts to work with Republicans for the most part have been a dismal failure. Only one Republican supported their efforts in health care and even more Democrats failed to support their own party’s efforts to produce a new health care agenda. Many campaigning as Democrats are now promoting the fact they voted their own minds and not that of the Party! Can you say Lieberman?

            The initial analogy that the President used when trying to explain why change was taking so long was that America is like a really big ship moving through the water and like a large ship, it takes time to change policies and directions. He failed to note we had just hit an iceberg and were taking on water! He also failed to note that on this ship most of the crew had mutinied and wanted things to stay the same as they always were.

             Thus, two years on, the economy is still abysmal. We are still at war. Jobs are few and far between. Homeowners are still loosing their homes at alarming rates, and the only companies that seem to be doing well these days are banks and credit card companies.

            If you thought the Republicans were hard to get along with before, the next two years are going to be even worse if they get control back. Often refereed to as a lame duck session, this next session of Congress may be appropriately named “A dead duck session”.  Despite their best efforts to be the party of change nothing the Democrats will do for the next two years will salvage the two years they have already lost.

              At a recent press conference to present the new Republican agenda, Representative Boehner, announced that the new, “now listening to Americans Republican Party,” is going to do the same thing it did when it was in power for the last eight years. Not listen to the American people and pursue its own agenda of attending to the needs of Corporate America. Maintain reduced taxes for the richest Americans and as quickly as they can, repeal the now dreaded Obama Care. They will support the troops and work on cutting America’s dependence on foreign oil and start reducing the deficit when they get the chance.  

            Surprisingly, the latest polls show sixty some percent are not happy with the way Democrats have carried out their last two years, while seventy percent are not happy with the way the Republicans did their job either. The surprising part being, why isn’t that statistic the other way around!!

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