Time loosing your short term politcal memory

             One of the cruelest diseases of old age is Alzheimer’s. In it the person over a very short time looses memory of the past. Usually the most recent past goes first. They have no ability to deal with the present and worst of all, loose all sense of who they are personally. As I watch the events leading up to the mid term elections, it would appear that voters across the land have developed a form of the disease and that there is little hope of any cure any time soon.

             Sitting in much the same position as Jimmy Carter did when he faced Ronald Reagan; our President is between a rock and a hard place. Only this time, instead of getting credit for bringing the hostages home, as Reagan did while Carter actually did the work and did not get the credit, President Obama is getting the blame for the financial crisis, the efforts necessary to correct it and the bad economy.

            We still shoot the messenger in this country so to speak. And unfortunately the Democrats are the messenger. They are also the ones entrusted with turning the whole mess around. In both situations they seem to have failed miserably. Failed in the fact of convincing the American people that this mess was handed to them by the eight years of Republican control and two, they haven’t’ come up with a plan yet to bring enough jobs back that some difference can be felt in the American economy.

            The errant posture and constant negative propaganda provided by the Republican Party over the last two years has made attempts to address the current oncoming economic issues a failure on arrival. I was recently asked if I felt my money was safe. I assured the person asking, “That as long as the First National Bank of China was doing okay, then it was.” 

            The latest issue to be of major concern is the deficit. Funny, the deficit was of no concern during eight years of Republican spending. Did you catch the John Stossel piece, showing him taking toys away from children, to point out that through Democratic ineptness we have spent their future and well these kids are broke and  they can’t afford them!  He fails to mention of course we could lower that deficit by thirty percent just by leaving the current tax structure in place. But not to worry, once back in control the riches among us will have their taxes lowered again, and the man on the street will get the bill

            Why does it not ever bother the electorate that we only talk about gay marriage laws, immigration reform, election reform, don’t ask done’ tell, and deficits in election years?  And right after the elected and voters suddenly come down with short-term memory loss and the subjects never get addressed again until two years later. 

            While voters seem poised to bring the Teas and the Republicans back into power to show Washington who really is boss, one has to wonder who is showing who the boss here is. Given the fact that short term memory loss runs on both sides of the political isle, I guess for most it really doesn’t matter at all!


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