Time to deal with you anger responsibly

            There can be no doubt that the more and more we are aware of the political activities in Washington, DC; the more upset we become. For some, the answer is to cry that they are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore.  This means they are ready to vote all the incumbents out. Put new ones in who understand their jobs and tenure are at the sole pleasure of the electorate. But in times like these, we all need to be careful that we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

             Understanding how laws are made, how political agendas are set and committees’ work is an integral part in changing the ways Washington, DC works. Tossing out a bunch of incumbents may in the short term allow you to feel better, but in the long run it may do more to harm the political process than good.  Given the array of candidates that as of late have been media endorsed for their off the wall antics rather than for their actual political leanings, we could end up with people in office who think the irrational act is the best way to get re-elected rather than any actual political work they may do.  The fact that many of these people seem to be Republican candidates may well turn out to be a real two edge sword for the party trying to regain power. Doubtful someone who regularly attends World War 11 reenactments and wants to play for the German side is going to follow in lock step with a party that demands all do what the boss says! Or maybe not?

             If one person had the power to change everything, then maybe that one candidate,  despite their strange behavior,  would have a chance to make changes,  but it doesn’t work that way. Our government is a government of consensus. Committees form to make laws and once they come up with what they consider a law that has a chance of becoming reality it still has a long way to go before becoming something we have to live by. 

            At times political reform seems to be the last item any of these candidates have on their schedule should they be elected. Truly we are in a  “Here is the new boss, same as the old boss, “ mess of sorts. Two issues that we aren’t even talking about this election and that are not being mentioned by any of their endless negative advertising are election reform and coming up with a means by which running for office could be made affordable to those interested without having to sell their souls and future votes for pay back.

             Ask yourself an import question. Why would someone spend 24 million dollars of their own money to get elected to a job that pays less than 200 thousand dollars a year? In reality, they should be ruled ineligible to run for the job solely because of the fact that they have lost their minds! The fix is in before they ever set one foot in the DC, metro area! Yet in a world of quid pro quo politics; this is not even an issue!

             Or what about the issue of the political/corporate swinging doors ? Allowing legislators to work on and produce laws today that will affect their future employer is scandalous. Yet time and time again Treasury Secretaries return to Wall Street. Food  and Drug administrators return to food and drug companies. Their tenures are only a brief respite from their real jobs. 

  (more to come…..)


One thought on “Time to deal with you anger responsibly

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