Time not expecting history to repeat itself

            History is not a very loud talker. Most of the time it sits there whispering, “don’t forget about me,” while at other times after the fact, it calls out loud and clear; “ I told you so!!” For sure History is always written by the victors and those in control. Need any of us ever forget the great book, “1984,” where history is written and rewritten almost on a daily basis?  Should the Republicans succeed in taking back both the House and the Senate in this next election, look for some pretty fancy rewriting of history to take place. President Obama was always unpopular, and George Bush was in demand as a public speaker the minute he left office!

            While Republicans would have history start anew every two to four years, those not afraid to open a history book might be a bit surprised this has happened before. Mid term elections and the Democrats are in charge during a major recession.  Public sentiment is all for getting rid of the bums. Even though the seeds for the problems mostly all began and were sowed by the other party. Pretty much everyone gave up on the Democrats staying in power. Surprisingly though, the Democrats won and history was changed forever.

             And how did they do it? Well it seems the President, a fellow by the name of Roosevelt was in control. He inspired the people to truly believe he was going to turn things around and that he would get us through the depression and jobs would in deed return! In other words the party had a leader the people believed in. Ask your grandparents about him. How different his speech of, “we have nothing to fear but fear its self,” would play on the Fox News corporation network today!

             So how does our current President achieve such a victory? Well number one he has to openly discuss the tactic that is being used to change the conversation from one of total negativity, us against them politics to one of how do we help America and save the middle class from disapperaring into total poverty.  Going to be hard to do given the fact that every Tea Party and Republican candidate is running their candidacy according to a  campaign strategy that sadly works.

               First of all, label your opponent and his issues, negatively. Call it “Obama Care!”  Negative “Pelosi’s spending your money! Negative” Devil Incarnate taking us to Socialism, Obama!”  Negative  “My opponent needs to, Man up and admit what he is doing!”  And then repeat it and repeat it untill the media starts reporting it as true! Once you establish your ideas as facts, start throwing out numbers. “Trillions miss spent here. Billions wasted there.”  No specifics need be made,  just lots of numbers. Your point gets made real quick. The other guy is irresponsible! Then finally wrap yourself in the flag and that you want to return to the old days and get back some of the lost values we built this country on!  Then just sit back and let the Democrats do damage control. A pure genius strategy that works, and not one solid thing need be said about what you once elected will do to turn things around!

            Given the fact that this scenario is used over and over again and has been for years, and that the Democrats seem to be oblivious to it, you can see the President has his work cut out for him. Is it enough that the President has just now started to come out and talk to the people again about the state of the Union and the accomplishments of the last two years? Only time will tell. Truly the Democrats if anything have mismanaged the public relations efforts of their comeback astronomically. But are we ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater, as I first asked in the last post? Only time will tell and when it does, we will learn if history can truly repeat itself, or take a side step and head us back down the road, that gave us eight years of  unbridled spending never accounted for, lavish corporate welfare and government sanctioned greed and the selling of Americas credit rating to the highest bidder.


2 thoughts on “Time not expecting history to repeat itself

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