Time to turn back the clock?


              If you have been wondering when to turn back your clock for daylight savings time, get ready. It’s less than two weeks away, the weekend of the seventh of November. Great for folks who like to get up and catch the sunrise. If you enjoy early sunsets it appears you get bit of a bonus this year. You get to see two sunsets for the price of one! Apparently, the sun is about to set on the Democrats in Washington as well. Their ever so short tenure in the sun, if the media is right, and how can that entire media be wrong? How many can remember the headlines when Dewey was declared the winner by the Press and in fact Harry Truman had won!  If all goes according to Republican Party plan, we will soon be able to jump into a time machine and erase all that has been done the last two years. Well Mr. Peabody, what will that world look like?

            For sure two years ago was a world without change. Having made it to the end of eight years of the government outsourcing everything thing it could to cut labor costs and telling the American people to leave government up to those who pay for it, nudge nudge.  The Democrats took the hit for the bad economy, job layoffs, Wall Street, Bernie Madoff and all that was done to turn things around. Sadly they lacked the 24hr news savvy to blame it on someone else.

            So if we are turning back the clock, what was life like two years ago? Apparently the American voter has forgotten. For sure when it came to government, father knew best and the rest of us would just have to figure it out on our own.  We found out Big Government was no longer capable of inspecting our food, infrastructure, airline passenger lists, water quality, air quality, investment bankers and well the list goes on and on. Companies knew best and we put all our trust in them. That line of thinking brought us everything from poisoned toys from China to tainted lettuce and peanut butter. Oh yeah and a world when the Securities and Exchange Commission   thought Bernie Madoff was one of the good guys!

            Surprisingly, government back then wanted nothing to do with running a war either. War? Are we still at war? You may notice it never came up during this past election cycle at all? Hmmm, Dumb Democrats.

            Yet despite all the conservative talk of a strong military, and the need to give defense spending top priority, what they are really saying is we know guys who can do it cheaper. All that was our military was outsourced to private contractors under their tenure before and don’t look for it to change anytime soon. The mail, the showers, the supply systems and even the bullets they fired. All outsourced to private companies who took the cost of a war from a million upon millions to billions into trillions.

            Our world of two years ago was a world of stay the course, surges and we will be in Iraq for the next 199 years. On the bright side, we won’t have to go through two years of Republicans trying to get bipartisanship thinking back on track in Washington. They never supported it in the first place and well, who has the energy!

             We might want to find ourselves back to a time when the word foreclosure was more associated to deadbeats of the 1930’s than of today. Sadly, that is not going to happen. Now that the middle classes credit rating has tanked, don’t even dream of buying a house and asking for a little more on the loan to get a pool, a flat screen and fresh sod all around the house. Those days are over!

(more to come….)


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