Turn back the clock (cont’d)

             Yes, let us go back to a day when relaxed banking regulations allowed investors to tie their investments to the FDIC and the America people smiled and said, “Eat drink and be merry, America is too big to fail.” Ooops, investors can still do that. Sorry. It is true, that new banking regulations have curtailed how quickly the credit card companies can raise rates, change your credit limit and do a host of other predatory options listed in the micro fine print of your contract. But don’t worry as we turn back the clock, you can be sure the credit lobby will be knocking on the door for recompense.

             As promised, Obma Care will definitely be targeted for repeal over the next two years. As will a new effort to privatize Social Security. The attacks will be labeled saving you money and saving Medicare from collapse. And don’t you think for a second the insurance lobby won’t be there to provide you Joe sore back the Plumber, with the information you need to understand why health care for Americans, just doesn’t make sense; financially for them that is. A free market doesn’t always work when it comes to investing your old age retirement. And competition as we will soon learn must be government regulated to be fair!

            For those of you finally ready to sit down in front of the TV, and see normal programming, sans political advertising, don’t get too comfortable just yet.  Long before anyone ever starts knocking on doors in Iowa or any of the other left out in the cold during primary season states move their primaries up, the air ways will be alive  with Obama speak! We saw quite well what private money can do to elections when the Supreme Court said that corporations have equal standing in the world of advertising. Few realized that the onslaught of political advertising would be so smothering. The next two years will be ripe with advertising from private individuals hiding behind their own political non-profit organizations telling you how bad our current President is..

            Since they won’t have Pelosi to kick around or blame anymore, the focus will turn on the President himself. Indiana Jones will be resurrected to truly find the Presidents Birth Certificate.  Should the President during some world travel happen to stop off at a Mosque, look for pictures of him doing so to become more exposed on the net than Anna Nicole and Christy Brinkley!

            The thing however that most Americans may soon fail to appreciate when we turn back the clock of government, is how little we turn back to the America of days of old. All of this talk about family values will be put back on the shelf. Senators will get caught with their hands in the cookie jars and doing things for the people who pay them the most to help them get re-elected. And that pledge from the now running Republicans to get spending under control, reduce the size of government realistically and deal with out issues of immigration responsibly will have been long written off as election rhetoric. And , the American People will find themselves asking what have we accomplished by putting the Republicans back in control.. I’m one step ahead of you, I’m asking that already!


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