Time in the Wonderland we call Washington

         So there I am channel surfing back and forth between election results and Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland on election night when suddenly it all seemed to mesh together in an absurd reality, even Lewis Carroll could not have come up with.  There was Sarah Palin refudiating in a thirty second Tea Party sound bite alongside a talking rabbit searching for a Wonderland milk carton missing person who did not want to be found in eighteenth century England!  Why would voters re-elect people to office knowing full well they intend to resurrect the status quo that got us into this mess in the first place? Like asking Alice to dig her own hole!  Not since reading Joe Bageants, “Deer Hunting with Jesus,” had the apparent class war going on in America become so obvious to me.

Who was that Mad Hatter anyway; Johnny Depp or Rand Paul? I watched as an irate public successfully absconded with the keys to the ballot box and followed a bewildered Alice into a time warp worm hole while chanting, “No more spending, no more taxes,” leaving the rest of us to wonder what happened to the vote?  Had Twiddle Dumb and Twiddle Dee been elected to office and now would be sitting there on each and every news cast for the next two years mimicking those who had elected them? In which world were people actually talking about Palin as a viable candidate to run for President believing she could defeat the deficit, America or Wonderland!

It seems that given the good shellacking the current Democrats have gotten ( the new description everyone is using, couldn’t help myself)  and all that transpired on election night, the election results are more of a verdict issued by the people on the economy rather than a new mandate to quit spending money on education, health care and infrastructure. Yet, most elected that night on their first trip to the microphone announced their goal is to seize the purse strings of Congress and seal them shut for everyone.

To me the election is a fine example of what uncontrolled money can do to shape an election. Thank you Supreme Court; corporations are not people, no matter what you say. For sure, this was truly a trip onto the set of a nightmare on Elm Street. Somewhere in-between the lines, of the paid to talk on and on television news heads, I could hear, that fuzzy little worm saying; “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” The idea that the mere section of a rag tag bunch of non politically experienced citizens, could break corporates hold on our government, is naive at best.

As the dust settles and this mid term election is dissected to the max we shall see that this was a mid term election expulsion of those that could not escape the blame of being a politician. For anyone really aware of the system of quid pro quo politics this was a night that really only enriched that feeling of gloom and doom any sensible American must feel about our political system. Despite the new list of names chosen to govern in less than two years most I expect will all be running for their lives to get re-elected. Simply pledging not to raise taxes may have gotten them elected. But it won’t change the system.  How can we make a system that is broken work better, or at least work for now? No one knows. We  may all find it easier to answer the Mad Hatters question; “Why is a Raven like a writing desk?” then be able to solve the ones we now find firmly implanted in the Wonderland, we call Washington.


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