Time getting bullied around

             There are bullies everywhere. That goes doubly well for people in government. Individual bullying personality’s aside, the new bully in town is a political party and their posse of twenty-four hour news henchman whose sole purpose is to keep everyone on their toes in fear. Face it folks, if you are afraid for no other apparent reason other than that you heard someone tell you to be afraid, there is a bully at work.

            The ongoing discussions with the Soviets regarding START (Strategic Arms Reductions Treaty) are in serious danger of being waylaid do to some political posturing, or let’s just say some bullying. Dismissing the talks as too important to be carried out during a lame duck session, the new Republican majority is threatening to withdraw their support.  This would force the discussions either to be halted or even worse, back to square one. This would cause not only the Obama administration to loose face but to throw a wrench into the relationship between the United States and Russia at a time when working together is to the advantage of all concerned.

            Usually the United States Congress pretty much rubber stamps what the powers to be come up with. Conservative Presidents in the past including Reagan and Bush supported arms reduction as a way of preserving the peace. That was before the age of anti-Obama speak, and being against everything the President may be trying to do.

            For sure these talks have always brought pretty clearly defined bullies to the conference table. We bullied them into thinking we had more nukes than they did. They bullied us into believing they were just crazy enough to use the nukes if we didn’t go along with their ideas. It all ended in a wonderful stalemate that no one with a rational mind could get past: use em and we all loose.

            Flying the flag of, “we need a stronger national defense platform” the new bullies in town are against the President and his ideas on how the START treaty should be negotiated, carried out and agreed upon. It doesn’t help that the START negotiations could have been settled before the new group came to town.  But you know how it is, when you have a long to do list, some things fall to the side. “Honest honey I’ll get that done as soon as I can!”

            Regardless of how you feel we are positioned in the nuclear arms race, the main side issue of this treaty is improved negotiations with the Russians. At a time where Iran and North Korea are both vaulting ahead with nuclear programs intending to make them players in the nuclear arms world, do we really need to make Russia less than supportive of our ideas on this issue?  Both sides have enough nukes to turn the Earth into an asteroid, ten times ten over!

            Given the background most of these new Obama naysayers have regarding nuclear discussions and world peace détente, their actions are surely turning up the dial on things we don’t really need to fear right now.  Balking on the START talks now, will make compromise a far harder thing to do the next time things get out of hand elsewhere in the world.  I should not be surprised though if they dig in and sideline the talks and neither should you; for the word compromise is seldom in a bully’s vocabulary!


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