Time for someone in Washington/anywhere to grow a set

                     “Growing a set,” is a phrase synonymously linked to standing up and doing what needs to be done during difficult times, even if you may not necessarily be comfortable in doing so. Henceforth, when the Republican Congress brings forth in the form of new legislation a bill to kill the current health care law or the states start taking apart the bill with the bravado of a pack of hungry piranhas because they didn’t get their just due piece of the pie, let us hope our duly elected President and some of his fellow elected officials have the courage to grow a set!

             The President’s health care plan shamelessly dubbed, “Obamacare,” by those who have pretty good care themselves, remains pretty much a mystery to most Americans. Few know the bill originally was mostly the idea of a state plan created by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. It was adopted by the Democrats in a last ditch effort to achieve some sort of bipartisan bill the Republicans could live with. Little did the Democrats realize that once the other side of the aisle discovered what they were up to, the Republican minority deserted the plan like rats fleeing a sinking ship.  

             To make matters worse, this administration and its supporting cast of Democratic players, has no idea how to sell us on their accomplishments. “It is what it is, gotta love us!”  Given the results of the mid-term elections, we can ask back, “love? How is that working for you?”  What little we have heard so far has been that the American people got an insurance plan, but the insurance companies got even a better deal. Despite the Obama’s administrations inability to overcome all of the negativity attached to this health care plan all the general public really knows about it is that it will go into effect gradually over the next three years. Billed as a, “first step,” the American people grudgingly must wait to see the final plan in action. Washington neither knows or cares that the number one reason still for going bankrupt in America is not associated with a mortgage, but in trying to pay a health care bill.

            Apparently, like most laws, we will find out how it affects us when we get the bill. Or worse yet, when we discover that what used to be covered by an old policy is not covered anymore. For sure our children can stay on our plans longer and that’s great. They don’t stay for free, so keep paying the premiums. Secondly, one day we won’t be able to be denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions. That doesn’t say we won’t have to pay more because of them, just that they can’t deny us if we can afford to pay. As for universal coverage, that is not going to happen ever.

            Gradually bringing the bill to life will allow those most aversely affected by it to lobby their way into doing damage control. Given the general consensus that Washington is working for the insurance companies, one can only think that was part of the plan. One might also wonder if the Democrats intentional plan for the slow unraveling of the bill is more or less an effort to garner themselves thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from an industry eager to see the bill get written more to their own liking!

            That may sound a bit crude, but as I so often note in the world of quid pro quo politics, that my friend is how you get the money to run an election campaign. The American people on the other hand have little influence on how things get done in Washington it would seem. Thus we get what we get and at times feel damn lucky to get that! At best our hope is that we got a health care bill that will do less harm than good. We hope!

             I once read where insurance companies are really not in the insurance business, but in the denial of claims business. Apparently they are doing pretty good. It remains to be seen what the coverage for growing a set might be, but then again the President has good coverage and is more covered in that area than we are for sure. You on the other hand might want to check your policy should you decide to let someone know the new bill upsets you.  One does not grow a set cheaply!


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