Time on the right side

              You can get all excited about your rights, my rights or the man on the moons rights but in the end, it all boils down to states rights. After 200 years of the Union this and state that, we still have not gotten past the point of who is in control of, “this land is your land, this land is my land.”  State power and control versus Federal power and control arguments have been with us since our forefathers put forth the idea of joining us all together under one big government. On certain issues such as defense and income tax, the controversy gets a nice band aide put on it as long as mutual interests are in line. But let one little thing come up where one side feels the other has the upper hand and bam! Blood all over the place.

             The culprit this time is mandated health insurance. While I think it would be nice if my state really cared about my constitutions rights to do this or that, does it really care if I am told to get health care coverage like it or not? A Federal  judge thinks so, for he has said the federal government has no right telling me or anyone else for that matter, we have to get health insurance or be fined! Unlike citizenship which we can take or leave, health insurance is soon not to be an option for living here in the good ol’ USA.  

            Apparently the path we have taken to make sure all citizens have some type of health insurance, in the richest, maybe not the richest but one of the richest indebted countries in the world is one that requires total participation of its citizenry.  The plan as best understood by a laymen, uses supply side economics to solve the problem. The idea being the more customers that are in the system, the better the chance for prices to come down.  

            There are enough holes in that idea to make Swiss cheese look solid! But then again, minds much greater than mine think it might work. And since it will take at least fifteen years to really tell, why not try it? We have gone from plans that have us all covered by the government, to plans that incorporate the private sector working with the government. That doesn’t appear to be too long of a walk to me. The latter appears to be the path currently chosen. Thus the government will provide the customers, and it’s up to the private industry to get the costs down. 

            There are two ways to deregulate an industry. One is to take away any rules and regulations that affect it. And number two is to provide the particular industry with an endless supply of customers. According to supply side economics, all of these customers should bring new companies into the fray and when they come, competition will drive the price of health care down. Increased competition will lower costs for us all! Somehow if you say it often enough you get the feeling you might believe it one day.

            The real fly in the ointment however are the states themselves who at this point have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for their turn to participate. One can only suspect any solutions to a problem this big would have included the states, two cents worth of input! Where is their piece of the pie in this insurance plan? No one is really sure. The jury is still out on how this new program is going to work for them, thus the veiled objections over your rights versus theirs! Gets you a seat at the table every time!

             Given the rise in populist conservatism and mama dancing bear parties and a general feeling that taxes are bad other than for blowing enemy combatants up, the new health care bill is still not home free. Should all of the states start flagging the legislation as unconstitutional it may never get home free. At least not until the states can be convinced health care is a money maker and they decide which is the right side to be on!

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