Time tangled in a web of profit

                         One of the men surely in the running for man of the year had an unlikely mottos operandi. His claim to worldwide notoriety; he gave away supposedly government secretive information for free. In a world where you can get just about anything on the internet for free either good or bad, we still found this release unsettling. Or at least those in power who were keeping the secrets thought we should be! After all everyone has a secret or two they don’t want someone to know. Given the fact it’s the federal government, the size and importance of those secrets we would suspect must increase astronomically.

             The fact that secrets were being released from foreign lands made it all that much more annoying for the powers that be. A terrorist attack through cyberspace! Worse than a virus! I mean after all it was the worse thing ever for a diplomat; the truth!  Granted few in government ever really speak the latter, it is very understandable to see why they were upset at the release of the information.

            For those who view governments as sacrosanct and the people who do that kind of work as above the fray so to speak of everyday nit picking and gossiping, we got quite the surprise. Most of the cables (talk about an information system from days gone by) sent back and forth between our embassies and Washington were the first hand appraisals of situations sent from the world traveling minions to the home office. 

            Regarding who likes whom in politics, no secret there. None of them trust each other. Our own Congress can’t get along with its own members, not too much of a stretch to think despite all of these rosy and smiling pictures of G-4 and G-20 this and that’s, that these people all have their own agendas.  None of them ever reveal what their true intentions are.  Regarding the piracy issue of those bantering however, how right is it to release government communications meant for only inner office use!

            The information released, was mostly personal banter about what our various government officials think about who they are talking to. Do we care if Hillary thinks a few of the people she is dealing with are complete asses? Maybe in passing, but really, no. Will the releases of such information hinder her ability to get ones to sign treaties and curtail their governments from doing things that aren’t necessarily in our favor? No one is sure, but if we were to learn from this information that certain corporations are in cahoots with certain governments and policy is going to be determined in a quid pro quo matter of fact manner? Yeah, we might want to know that!!

            No doubt that the governments and the people who have the jobs running them would prefer you and I know as little as possible about what is going on. With those of you familiar with the military, that would be understood as being, “on a need to know basis” Which means if you knew what we knew you might not want to go along with these plans. But the real issue at task here is information. And your right to know it.  That takes us to the latest efforts to make it much harder to get access to information. For those who feel it has never been easier to access information, you may be right in some circumstances. But information like your personal freedom is something that has to be fought for on a regular basis, and right, a free and enterprising internet is not in the best interests of everyone!

               (more to come)

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