Time for something to really cry about

               My horoscope tells me that today I am not to take the bait. I am not supposed to get pulled into the chain of events of the day, of which I may find disturbing. Thus, when I read earlier today that the Tea Party in California had sent out a letter seeking funding from its members, since the “liberals” were making this Arizona “thing,” all the conservatives’ fault, I must admit, I found myself teetering! Dag-gone horoscope!

            Apparently the Teas find themselves caught in an endless, “Who’s on First,” game of words and events that defines all issues as potential moneymakers. The basic mentality that says you are either for them or against them can turn even the most commonly unifying event, such as this past weekend in Arizona, into an astute arguing point.  When one paints every situation as a plus or minus according to ones own political machinations it dissolves all chances of ever helping me find some creditability in this political organization.  .

            Hey I can dismiss the daily arrival over the airways of talk radio and television host selling fear, bigotry and racism as the main reason for what happened. You can’t cure crazy! We have had nut jobs pick up guns before. And we sadly will again. What should really concern us about our airways is the manner in which the presentation of hearsay and innuendo has been bestowed credibility and newsworthiness, when in reality it has neither. The larger fact we may all be missing as well is that, this A-D-D style of news entertainment is the most listened to and most popular of what is available as a credible news source. And that reality is something that is shaping who we are more and more everyday, like it or not!

              PT Barnum once said that there was no such thing as bad publicity. Thus, in regards to the appeal for funding, for those of us who find it in bad taste; let’s just call this appeal bad timing. Dismiss it as a political misstep that anyone could have made. Much as we should that crosshair web chart thing, because doing so, just makes us all look bad.

            For those Americans who feel that they need their pound of flesh in this case, you will have to settle for what the criminal justice system gives us. Justice will prevail. That is what laws are for. Yet, how we walk away from this slaughter of innocents as a nation is still anyone’s guess. If past history is any indicator of what we will do, we can look for increased security around and of our elected officials and less accessibility to them for the general public. And nationally a feeling by many that perhaps the political arena is not where they would like to find their futures. I can only say that if we loose just one  potential future candidate for office, because of that kind of thinking, we all loose.

             At a time when change is what we need most in Washington, a retrenching of those already there and a turning away from taking part in our political system by the rest of us, hurts us all. Before this all happened, I had been working on a piece about Speaker Boehner’s tearful production for everything that seemed to happen to him. About a time, not long ago when in America a crying politician was deemed weak and often removed from any credible ability to run again for office. 

             Sadly, he finally has something really to cry about. In fact we all do. Putting all else aside, our grief may be the most unifying factor to come along in quite a while, lets not pass up on it.

One thought on “Time for something to really cry about

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