Time trying to bust the union

             Oh I just love a good conspiracy theory. Here is the latest one from the conservative side of the fence. Apparently, the unions in the state of Wisconsin have been planning for years to send the state into bankruptcy with their outlandish demands for benefits and salary. Once done, they hope to be able to affect public sentiment their way to get a democratic governor elected who in turn will shower them with a benefits package, bar none!  From what I hear, that is why they tricked the state into letting them form unions in the first place. Shrewd –Shrewd – Very Shrewd indeed; where is a good chalkboard when you need one!

            As you may also have heard; Wisconsin is broke. As are a ton of other states. Wisconsin however is going to fix this problem once and for all and how they go about it, could be a blue print for every other state to follow, if they are successful.  Accordingly Wisconsin’s conservative governor has figured out what caused the problem in the first place; that being those greedy unions who try to get the most for their employees at contract time. His answer to keep that from happening again is to kill collective bargaining and adopting, a “My way or the highway,” stance henceforth for all contract talks, starting right now.

            Despite the unions agreements to take wage cuts, lower future benefit packages and take cuts in their healthcare benefits packages, the conservative tiger has his eye on a much longer fix for the problems of being broke and owing money to employees. The conservative solution here is to take away collective bargaining. This will in effect kill the unions negotiating power. So when contracts come due in the future, if agreement cannot be reached, we can’t agree on a new contract, you are all fired and the state can hire anew! In other words…go for the jugular!

            Aha, yes, it would seem that the idea of blaming the victims for their own dilemma goes further than product safety in the state of Wisconsin. The governor has shown us that if we open our conservatives eyes, we will learn that it turns out the union employees that work in the state are the real problem; not poor fiscal spending or the lack of foresight about money management longer that next weeks payroll. How dare state union employees expect government to hold up their end of labor agreements when in fact it was the employees who are to blame for the states problems?

            Amazing how fiscal conservancy always becomes an issue when the other party is in office. Granted no one wants to raise anyone’s taxes. Seems to be the mantra of every government official in the land; no new taxes. Yet who pays for road upkeep, general maintenance or new programs? I’m alright with the mantra as long as they add to it less and less services and fewer and fewer benefits for Joe Public!

            If like me, you view most government programs with a jaundiced eye when it comes to being fiscally conservative, we can only wonder what benefits will come from breaking up unions and declaring all contracts off the table, because we temporarily are somewhat financially embarrassed. Yet half the job of getting one out of such a financial fix is figuring out how you got into it in the first place. For sure, much of this states problems as well as other states soon to come are all part of the real estate bubble bursting. An event that sent state coffers into spirals.  But there is more….


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