Time bullying the teachers

            Teachers deal with a lot of bullying in their careers as educators. At best they are able to intervene before the behavior gets out of hand. Hopefully they can incorporate into their lesson plans information that helps identify it and provide information so those being bullied can get help. What happens though when it is the teacher getting bullied? Apparently the conservative media and their twenty-four hour news bobble head teams of headline chatterers have found a new person to blame for the fiscal problems most states are now facing; the teachers and their unions! Some might call it good reporting, but what it really is, is just plain bullying!  

             Bullies, as we know, come in all shapes and sizes. All with one thing in common; a belief that they, the bully, has more power than that of those getting bullied. In this case, the teachers and their unions are being bullied by the media in the court of public opinion. It is hard to battle against hearsay and innuendo reported from behind news desks as if it were fact. Adding to that the idea that every problem can be reduced to just common sense thinking to give you a solution, and bingo, suddenly educators are the enemy to fiscal stability. Nonsense. To openly portray our teachers as being lazy, overpaid and too highly compensated workers who are just out to rip off the system and your states financial credibility, is an insult to every American who has gotten a public school education. At last count there were more of them in this country than any other country in the world!

            Not surprisingly it wasn’t that long ago that every politician was trying to improve the educational forces by supporting increases in teacher’s wages. Better compensation to get better people in the field. Ah, yes, but that was yesterday. 

            If all you seek are common sense answers to problems far more complex than ten second sound bite journalism, it is easy to see why the teachers and their unions are such easy targets. Forget that the reason the state of Wisconsin is broke has to do with Wall Street, lack of revenues from taxing corporations, an elite tax base that pays fewer and fewer taxes, improper betting on the markets with pension funds, and plain downright lack of better investing strategies

             Poor Mrs. Clear, my seventh grade English teacher.  She is probably turning over in her grave at what is going out over the conservative media airways about teachers. Many teachers have to buy paper and pencils.  Other teachers work jobs after school and for sure few if any sit at home all summer on their yachts waiting for that check to come in!

             I am reminded of a line from Tolkien “a wizard should know better!”  And truly these bobble heads who pretend to know the real meaning behind state financial problems, are little more than wizards of the air waves and they should know better. Yet it appears the teachers and their unions are just the next target expenditure to get in the way of Corporate America’s bottom line. One can only wonder, who will be next?  If you are over 65, could it be you?


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