Time changing the agenda

              You can see it in lots of publications these days. Appearing like a tidal tsunami of bad news, all proclaiming America has reached its peak and is in decline. That the middle class, that struggling group of wage earners who are the bread and butter of the American economy, have been marginalized right out of the picture by one financial bubble bust after another. Economically polarizing the country into two classes; the haves and the have nots. Granted being poor is not being as poor as it used to be. Being rich and being oober rich however is getting better all the time.

            At last report, four hundred people in America have more wealth collectively than one half of all Americans.  Ironically, the richest man in the world is in Telecommuni-cations! Carlos Slim Helu & family made their money the American hard way; took a product that cost a little and sold it for a lot.  Like I said the American Dream has always been shareable! But I digress. The fact that the haves are doing better than good and that the have nots are doing worse and worse has many ramifications across our society. The least of which is the societal depression, anger, stinginess, and downright discouragement most are feeling as of late. But the worst is the wholesale stealing of our freedoms to speak, organize and unite as a people under the guise of fiscal conservancy!!

             I speak of what is going on in Wisconsin and planned for other states in the near future. The events unfolding in Wisconsin this past week were no moral booster for any of us. Citizens filling a state government hall protesting unfair curtailing of their rights and the wholesale abdication of governmental responsibility to those citizens have all of America wondering what is going on. A legislator fleeing the state to freeze the legislative process is childish shtick that insults the entire legislative process. In a game of numbers, who could not have seen this coming? And a government pursing an agenda that weakens freedom not strengthens it is one that should not be doing business here in the USA!

            Part of the resolutions and laws passed this week in Wisconsin allows the governor to dissolve any city government in the state, elected by the people, and then to appoint a person to run the city. Take a second to grasp that new law. Dissolve the city government at his discretion and set a man/woman to run the city. Presumably to get it fiscally back on line. As horrendous as that sounds there are plans in Pennsylvania to appoint a permit overseer who can at his discression override any permit denial and allow any company to proceed on their way to do business. Given the fact that the governor is a firm backer of Marcellus Shale drilling one might guess that despite citizen objections those permits are going to get the green light

            Find fault if you will with spending and overspending and broke states and not broke bankers. But what is happening under the surface and under the guise of fiscal responsibly is the systematic carrying out of an agenda that is out to take freedom away from the people, and put it firmly in the hands of those with money enough to appreciate it!  And that is an agenda changing moment for us all!


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