Time dealing with the gut

              How do you make most of your political decisions? One would hope that you’re politically aligned decision-making process involves weighing both the positive and negative factors of how a choice effects not only you but the nation as well. That is one way of making a decision, as told in Jonah Lehrer’s book, “How We Decide,” but apparently not the only one. In fact many of us when we have a political decision to make tend not to make the decision with what we have between our ears, but with what we feel deep in our stomach; that is right, we go with out gut!

             Perhaps one of the biggest differences, between the Right and Left are their decision-making processes. When Michelle Bachman preaches hell and brimstone politics she seldom worries about facts, because she isn’t politicizing to the head, she’s working on what sounds and feels right to your gut. Ricky Santorum can get everyone fired up over some aspect of the population having to pay for some other aspect of the population getting a free ride on someone else’s dime! President Obama may lay out a very good reason for going to war againstLibyawithout asking Congress for permission. Democrats can present a plan for cutting spending, but in reality can they actually do it?   

             In all of these cases how you feel about what is going on is definitely related to whether you use your head or your gut. The first two examples with Bachman and Santorum are dismissed by the Right because the speakers are not known for fact checking. The latter two are just more cases of why the Left feels we need better government. In their guts, Obamas actions are socialistic and Democrats always spend more money. 

            Deciding whether to use our heads and not our guts to figure out who is telling us the truth is an age-old voter dilemma. Politicking to the gut is less of legislation through learned points than it is organized mob guidance Tell them something to get them all fired up and then tell them if you are elected you will fix it.  Look at the issues that suddenly spring forth during a campaign season. Gun control! Abortion! Planned Parenthood! Welfare Cheats! Health Care for the poor! Unemployment benefits! All hot button issues, to name just a few which all, surprisingly once the election is over, get put away and it’s back to business as usual.

            In order for politicians to politic toward our guts they need to become our friends. Become one of us. How many politicians have you seen as of late say that they just want to be one of the folks? You will hear it in their pleas for assistance, “Hey folks can you help us out here!” Probably helps that most all politicians are lawyers. We are the jury. We are the deciders. At least we like to feel that way ever two to four years. Reality is that when we rule with our gut we loose more than we ever win.

            The reduction of every moral argument, political crisis or national problem, to the very simplest of terms; is gut politics. Yet if we think about it, there is never just one solution. There are always shades of gray. The gut never complicates terms. It defines all problems as one way or the other. One might ask, what is wrong with getting emotionally involved with the decisions we make? Well, nothing is wrong with that, but if the deciding factor is only your gut regarding your final decision you might be missing some important parts of the issue. In cases where you have already made up you mind, ask yourself, how that came about. From facts or gut? The revelation may just surprise you!


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