Time thinking out loud

So a friend tells me she recently took a long airplane ride south from Philadelphia. Once she got her shoes off to get on the plane they proceeded to tell her to take her socks off as well. Then, after a brief pass though behind the you look good naked scanner, she was again pulled out of line and asked about her water bottle. A frozen water bottle by the way, which is permitted.  I didn’t know that. Well, what if some of it melts while standing in line?

Aha! That calls for more of an inspection. Apparently once the powers that be were assured it actually was just a little melt down, the water was returned and she proceeded on her way. And one other thing. What is all this about jumbo shrimp? An oxymoron? I digress.

Summer is here and most of us will be doing a lot of traveling. It would pay for all to take a good look-see at what you can take or not take on an airplane. Don’t expect that to be an easy task. Site after site will alert you to cheap airline tickets, but when it comes to traveling it may take you a while to figure out what is permissible.

Bic lighters are back on the OK list. Any liquid over 3.5 ounces is not and only three containers of those as well. You photographers wanting to take pictures can take separate camera bags, but be careful if they drop your camera looking at it, you are own your own. Another instance where if your rights get violated, any response other than sucking it up and moving along is considered unpatriotic! They don’t have to reimburse you for breakage.

Which brings us to last weeks reinstating of the Patriot Act. You knew I was going there all along. With the use of an autopen, the President signed the Patriot Act into law again. The same bill that got barley any read from any of the congress when it was first created, before it got passed again. Actually, it had quite a few dissenters this time.Yet those that reminded us that lone wolfs are still out there lurking won the bills renewal.

So search and seizures can still continue.  And America will continue on its tight rope walk of rights in one hand and its freedoms closely guarded in the other. Lone wolfs win again. But if you should ever find yourself in Guantanamo, don’t expect anyone to come running. to your aide any time soon. Trusting that we do, that only the right people are there and that the laws of the land are in good hands, we can all sleep a little better at night. Or maybe with just one eye open!

And yes, it looks as if Sara P is going to try to make a run for the presidency on her own. You didn’t hear that from me, but in a world where security of the passengers is far greater than that of the baggage, anything is possible. She is currently on a bus tour of American historical sites. One can only guess that she is making sure she doesn’t get sucker punched in any debates down the road. Now the city with the cracked bell is where?


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