TIme not so liberally minded

If you haven’t heard about the dilemma liberally aligned voters face regarding the upcoming elections, get ready. In just a short time it will be all over the news; being sliced and diced up in a verbal feeding frenzy by all the 24hr news babble heads. And now that the President is back in campaign mode himself the comparisons between campaign Obama and President Obama will serve to highlight the dilemma ad nauseum. For liberals, throughout the campaign, this issue is going to be a major paper cut with lemon juice poured all over it as discussions of what has gone down over the last four years in Washington get reviewed over and over again.

The problem, simply stated, is that our liberally minded elected candidate apparently shed those liberal thoughts once he got elected. Wholly Joe Lieberman batman; say it isn’t so! In his efforts to find a mid-ground the President did everything he could to win over Republican support. One might also add the President had financial supporters to take care of. Face it, no one gets elected without making a lot of promises and sometimes you have to keep them.

We all watched as that reaching across the aisle statesmanship fizzled in the President’s face time and time again, issue after issue. To make it all that much worse, we also have seen the ensuing results of those efforts give us a President distanced from his base and floundering in the satisfaction polls of all Americans. Thus, the past four-years have turned out to be lean on change, and more of the same old thing and therein lies the dilemma. How can we support someone more in tuned with conservatism than liberalism?

No matter what topic you look at, if you are a Democrat, you have to be disappointed; health care, the wars, the economy, the Wall Street crisis, the banking crisis, and the endless stream of foreclosure money sent out to help, but  caught up in a bureaucracy the President should have helped address.

To his favor, he has done pretty well at disaster relief! No well job done Browny lapses for FEMA This time! Though state after state continues to scramble to make ends meet at the expense of infrastructure improvements and education because one side of the government says states should be their own bosses and the other side is saying a strong federal government requires belt tightening for all concerned, and you begin to see, we are truly a country where no one is happy!

For sure the fiscal maelstrom that this administration walked into severely tied their hands economically speaking. Yet we are left wondering what would have been done had the same conservatives taken control? The previous eight years of budgetary denial of wars, turning the stock market into Las Vegas betting parlors and the mortgage lending debacle all came to a head at once, and had to be dealt with.

In case after case be they Wall Street or budget battles, rather than bringing in fresh people to address the problems, the President brought in the very same people who caused it.   The head of the Federal Reserve of New York was appointed Treasury Secretary. Wall Street couldn’t have been happier. Loans made to banks to secure their depositors were instead used to buy other failing banks. Laws passed to make sure the crisis never happened again, never were able to secure leadership or funding to enact them. And the list of things elected republicans would have done goes on and on. Guantanamo never got closed. Terrorists never got their day in court. The insurance companies turned a health care initiative for all Americans into a giant prescription bill for their bottom lines. In what appears to be an end justifying the means policy the current administration over and over sides with the Republican’s way of thinking. Corporations come first. The people come second.

So, no wonder as we sit ready to watch the first real debate between the upcoming groups of Republicans who want to be President we liberally aligned are casting jaundiced eyes on the whole procedure. The irony of it all to most liberals is the best Republican candidate in the eyes of the liberal agenda right now turns out to be the President!


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