TIme to vette them all

The first stump speeches were made during the days of Lincoln and Douglass. The importance of being heard on subjects which  would soon have a profound effect on our nation were apparent to all.  Getting the word out to as many as possible was the key to getting elected. Yet, finding out if you candidate had told the truth in his speech would be very hard to do for many years to come!

That of course was in the days before televised media. We hear everything they say now and the words just seem to all sound right. The candidate believes it, why shouldn’t we?   But how sure are we that what we we are hearing is the truth, and not some crafted focus group speak designed for just us to hear? Now that we can easily hear every word, it often surprises  voters  that  some  statements  are plainly just not true.! 

No candidates are immune from fact checking. Click on the highlighted link, and check out how easy it is to do.  One of the most entertaining aspects of the Daily Show is it’s ability to show the candidate telling the audience he or she  positively never, ever supported an issue, only to have on videotape them saying the complete opposite six months earlier! Flip-flopping is unbecoming of any candidate. Despite this, many flip floppers get elected every election cycle.

Over the years, given the establishment of a media supported politic where no matter what a candidate has to say,their aligning  media supports the candidate’s reasoning; getting to the truth behind a statement can sometimes be hard to do.  Faux news corporations pretty much support what  their candidate say no matter what. One might say they have their marching orders. They do it in two ways. Number one, coming right out and supporting the statement minus any discussion of it and two by complacently not reporting on it at all

Take Michele Bachman’s latest statement that a woman told her that the woman’s daughter got the HPV (human papilliomavirus) shot, to protect women against the sexually transmitted disease, and the child overnight developed mental retardation! Really? The next day? To the Bachman camp, and her supporters, there would be no questions asked regarding the validity of the statement. It must be so, regardless of the fact that the media could not find the woman, or her daughter for confirmation.

Regardless of the fact the people who research the effects of this drug have never heard of this particular complaint. The truth is out there somewhere, but  in the Bachman camp, what will be remembered is that she said it , it must be true. True or not true is irrelevant.

Close to five billion dollars is about to be spent in this next election cycle. Corporations and their candidates will have a free run of the paid airways to say whatever it is they want to say. Things will go negative fast and with private groups funding their own ads in support and against candidates, truth will undoubtedly fall quickly between the cracks of credibility! To say you and I as voters will be deluged with truth and fiction is an understatement.

Knowing that, we all need to know that facts need to be checked.  We can no longer take for granted what any candidate has to say and prepare ourselves to vette them all !


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