TIme not be a party pooper!

Hey, I like a party as much as the next guy. At a party people generally are happier and more relaxed then they would be at work or in their everyday lives. When it comes to political parties however, restrain is generally the rule of the day. No one wishes to pull the quintessential  “ Howard Dean” and give a  “Yeoowww,” and see their candidate go down in flames. At least that is what I thought until I watched the recent Tea Party/Republican debate.

I guess they must have misplaced the instruction that says “no jeering or commenting from the audience” regarding the answers to the candidate’s responses. Apparently it was not only not frowned upon but actually encouraged. Little side smiles off to the group did anything to curb their responses.

For those who are neither Tea partier Republicans nor Democrats and who were just looking to learn about the candidates, they learned as much about Tea Party people as they did the candidates themselves. Despite the on stage antics of politicking, the no holds barred oohing and aweing and clapping and cheering, the audience let each candidate know if they had or did not have support from those gathered to hear the debate live and in person.

One thing that did come out to the casual TV observer was that this Party has yet to find its own middle ground.  What they support you know. What they don’t support you know as well. Compromise does not appear to be part of the agenda. Yet eventually, even a shoe pounding Kruscheff came to accept compromise, so there is hope in that category.

We tend to forget political parties in these early years are somewhat meant to be pure to an extent. This is whom we want and this is what we want them to say. When and if their candidates get elected, and only then will we find out if the Party is a team player or just a troublesome fad.

Most disturbing however was the way the group cheered at what might have been considered appropriate in general ways of American thinking. Especially when Ron Paul commented on the man who made the choice not to buy health insurance and then found himself sick and unable to pay for care. Should he be left to die? Well, a quickly backtracking Paul said it was the man’s choice, but not to worry the social safety network would never let that happen. Ron Paul needs to take a better look at that safety network. People are falling through it every day!

It would have been interesting to ask if any of the audience was on Medicare, ever received social security, drove a car that was safe because of federal standards, drank a glass of water that was free of containments, flew in an airplane that was inspected to be safe or wrote a letter and had it delivered as expected.  Had anyone asked that they would have been a real party pooper I guess and booed off the stage. Death penalty yeah! Reality check; I say Nay Nay!!!


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