Time to fire them all


I first read those words in a syndicated column in which the writer was really upset with President Obama’s administrative cabinet. The author felt it was time to send some of those professional Wall Street advisers back to the world of high finance and to use their policies on those who could afford their mistakes. Granted, it takes time to see if polices are working, and as of late, it appears every policy has about a week to prove itself or it is a failure. Long term is no longer part of any economic equation!

Firing people might not be the best thing to do right now even if some of them were responsible for getting us in the mess in the first place. I suggest we instead try to fire some people up as an alternate plan. I speak of the very rich and those that are running the corporations of America whom as of late have been asleep at the wheel. The idea that these groups of Amreicans are exempt from paying their fair share because the government will just either waste the money or that they should not be taxed for their success is no longer  one a broke America can afford to suupport! One will finds on closer examination that the government they are so quick to scorn has done more for the richest among us than it has ever done for the less off.

I make no judgment on how the very wealthy got their very wealthy.  As for the corporations, their tax rates are at their lowest ever. According to some who are learned in these matters, they now have trillions stashed away ready for investment and growth of their own companies. Yet, as of now, they are hesitant to invest that money, at least here in the good Old USA. And as for the very rich going out and buying a yacht every now and then, one can hardly consider that doing your fair share either.

The argument of course that we have all heard non-stop is that raising taxes on these people will signal an economic downturn of biblical proportions. The President’s current economic recovery plans merely makes mention of raising taxes on investment income and not even that is being received with an open ear. The twenty-four hour bobble head assault we receive from the talking heads on television and supported by the wealthiest in Congress that the rich and corporations are responsible for any progress this country has ever seen is becoming more common knowledge than actual fact.

The truth is that jobs are created by demand. When demand outstrips supply, people will be hired to do the work. However, throwing the global economy into every new economical investment formula only complicates the issue to the point of how much a business needs to invest to meet the demand. If a person in Malaysia will put the car seat in the car for thirty seven cents an hour, do you really think a company is going to pay someone in Detroit eighteen dollars an hour plus benefits to do the same? No. In a world where the employee is on longer considered an asset but a liability to a companies bottom line economic doldrums become long-term depressions. Thus the ones who can move their money to where the labor is cheaper and the cost of producing the product at the lowest,  benefits the most.

Welcome to America; circa today.

(To be continued)


One thought on “Time to fire them all

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