Time wondering why we never get the joke

No one likes to be the one standing around the jokester  not getting the joke. We have all been there. At first you ask yourself, what did I miss? Then you say to yourself, well it wasn’t that funny in the first place. But more often or not you slap yourself on the proverbial backside and say, how dumb was I not to get that?  When it come to the election season antics of candidates in this country, we Americans still don’t get the joke and the worst part is that the joke is on us!

I remember that famous quote in civics class (talk about dating yourself) many years ago. Democracy may not be the best form of government, but is our form of government; thus it is the best. Watching the plethora of Republican want to be’s taking their time in front of the ever-present 24/7 news cameras one can’t help but wonder, which among them will be deemed sane enough to run for the highest office in the land.

Be it statements like, “ On this five by seven card is our new tax code,” which will replace a couple of hundred thousand tax clerks and a tax code at last count endlessly covered volumes. Or other candidates who only want laws to be three pages long? One suggested China might get nuclear weapons soon and we might have to deal with that. Another talks to people who come down with mental retardation over night. None apparently aware of fact checking services or the power of video tape to show their inconsistencies!

As the President slowly goes into campaign mode as well, we find him making statements that are less confusing but no less comforting given his track record of failing to deliver what campaign Obama said he was going to do four years ago. He too will tell us all the things we want to hear. Never mind the health insurance bill we got looks like nothing we wanted, nor the efforts to protect us from Wall Street’s excesses have no one to enforce them. Should someone ask why didn’t he do the things we elected him to do, you can expect the ultimate punch line; I tired, but Congress wouldn’t let me! In the President’s case the change that he ran on never came. Sadly he has been more of a good conservative president than any Republican could have hoped for.

We the electorate have a front seat at the election process here in this country. It begins long before straw polls or primaries. Given that politics sells big time, you might say the election season never stops. Media moguls  and corporate America have very deep pockets and Madison avenue on their side to make the worst of the wost look and sound like God’s chosen candidate.

Still, without a doubt each side will pick their candidate eventually. You and I will choose our favorite  and when it’s all over, everyone else in the room will be chuckling away and we will be standing there straight faced, going “ What I don’t get it!” And given the fact the election process never really stops in this country, is it any wonder!

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