Time with the Gingrich who could steal Christmas

The recent ascension to the number one spot in the polls for Republican presidential candidate Gingrich, “ MR G,” is quite a turnaround for a candidacy that only months ago was going no where and being dismissed as an also ran in this years field of candidates. He has obviously discovered something. That being; start telling the masses what they want to hear instead of all the pontification about how smart your think you are regarding the problems we as a country face. Actually it is a sure fired way to win, why hasn’t anyone else grasped this idea!

Ripping a page out of how to get voters to think with their guts and not their heads, suddenly MR G is the dyed in the wool Ronnie Regan conservatives the party came to love so many years ago! He has begun telling his base what they all want to hear and hitting every hot button issue they want to talk about.  Such as anyone who is protesting about Wall Street, should be at work not protesting. These people all need to quit talking a free ride off the hard working people of this country! Remember, if you are down on your luck because you don’t have a job at the moment, its no ones fault but your own. Get over it. Work harder. McDonalds is hiring!

Can you say; outsourcing! Sorry that kind of stuff has nothing to do with the dilemma most of the unemployed find themselves, in says Mr. G. Can you say lack of higher education? No need to. When you think with your gut and not your head, we all that any fool can run a computer and do spreadsheets. How hard can it be?

After all when he lost his job in the government, he immediately got one advising Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae on how to better manage their money for the mere sum of about a hundred thousand bucks a month. Now that’s picking your self up by the bootstraps. Regardless if the advice obviously didn’t help them avert the bubble bust we now call the mortgage debacle; he was working not cry babying like those lazy liberals do!

Throwing fuel on to the conservative hot button box, Mr. G’s adds that the school children should be the ones doing the janitorial services of their schools. Child labor laws? Who needs them! Just further goes to show how out of step this campaign is. Shall we all return to the ten-hour workday, no health insurance, no social security and a world where the minimum wage is less than two bucks? Mr. G’s policies only propose to circle the wagons and protect those who already have made it in America, not the majority, and thus one can only guess where the new interest in his campaign is coming from.

You can’t solve today’s problems with the same thinking that caused them. The recent failure of the super committee to come up with a trillion dollars plus worth of cuts to a budget already made is end of the pipe thinking. Dismantling our government so that there is no government to pay for is end of the pipe thinking. Forgetting that for every congressman/women there are a hundred plus lobbyist offering everything from future jobs to campaign aide and support to get re-elected is the first issue of the day in turning around this country. Not even being mentioned by those running on either side.

Should MR. G, however be able to get enough people to believe the old ideas are better than finding any new ones, we can all expect a lump maybe half of lump of coal in our stockings nest year and be dam happy we got that.  Assuring us if we all work harder next year we can do better. At least if we do we all know, he will!


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