Time to send Occupy Wall Streets letter to Santa

As noted in the last post,the Occupy Wall Street movement, “OWS,” has struck a nerve with a lot of people around the country; both good and bad!But when it comes to what the movement is trying to tell us they seem to have missed the mark communicating it to the world. Perhaps if they wrote a letter to Santa and told him what they wanted, it might help the rest of us understand as well.Dear Santa; Hope you are well. We, on the other hand have has a really bad year. We have been experiencing some really tough times as of late in America; at least 99% of us have. The other 1% will be sending their letters off Federal Express, the rest of us however, thought a group letter from us here in the park and from around this campfire might be more in order with the times we are in!

First of all Santa, don’t believe what you see and hear in the newspapers and TV or those characters running for President. We do not need baths, are not troublemakers, and most sincerely are not trying to overthrow our government.We are they true meaning of what living in a recession is all about.You may have seen all those people running for sales on Black Friday and thought all was back to normal but don;t let the media full you. The very corporations  that sell the products in the stores own most of the media and they need the world to think all is okay. It is bad for business is they tell the world most of us are broke, have houses underwater and if we want something credit is about our only way to get it!

The fact that some people still have some credit left on their credit cards is no indicator things have turned around however. Come January, the stories of credit card default will be abounding! And yes the 1% will be getting Christmas Bonuses this year that will boggle even your mind! Again, nor real attachment to reality there either. The majority of us will be lucky if we have stockings to hang let alone a lot of stuff to put in them.

So our letter to you is pretty basic. Santa we need Jobs. Some good jobs in this country would turn things around really nicely. Get a lot of people back on track and before long have us all feeling like we are worth something again!And when we ask for jobs we mean jobs that we can do now, at a working wage please. Please remember most of us can not drive bulldozers, know how to build bridges, or make solar panels in our garages.  We could learn, but we need jobs now.

Not since the air traffic controllers got fired way back when has labor been treated so badly in this country. Suddenly after years of paying taxes, union dues and social security  everything is our fault! We the ones who have kept this country afloat in good times and bad are to blame for wanting our pensions and some health care in our old ages. Our young people have similar problems and just trying to get started is costing them an arm and a leg. No our politicians are not much help either. If you are not the voice of a lobbyist or a major corporation you don’t get heard in Washington unless it is election time! They all need to get some serious coal in their stocking!

Close to six million families have no health insurance here in America. Fewer and fewer hospitals accept people without insurance. Some politicians are saying to teach our children how to be better workers we should even get rid of our child labor laws! And Santa if you get a letter from a big corporation, please remember they are not really people. Just because they have a vote in our elections, does not mean they are real.

You have always been good to us in the past Santa , so we thank you for any help you can send our way this Christmas..

The 99%


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