Time with a front row seat

The upcoming political season is about to go into full blast as Iowans prepare to fire the first warning shots over the bow of political America. Aim high Iowa, you could sink the ship with the first shot! Granted, the winner in Iowa has seldom won the election in the fall. But after the first straw poll is cast, it’s game on for everyone; including anyone that hasn’t thrown in their hat yet! Still room for the Donald and the Sarah to come running to the convention and go, you need me! You need me!

Missteps from here on out will be dealt with, much more critically than they have been up until this point. The dress rehearsals that have been going on in the Republican Party hopefully will have paid off and those silly ker-flub-ulls, as I like to call them, will be over. In my many years of watching the process, I have never seen a political season of such a group of bumblers. And there have been quite a few. Who will ever forget 9-9-9! Rick Perry encouraging the college crowd to vote for him or anyone else when they get old enough to do so! One of my favorites was Michele Bachman’s spill about how to get mentally retarded overnight! If you are looking for a nice follow up to that, you can go to You Tube and view her being told by a nine-year-old boy that his mother is gay and that she doesn’t need fixing! Priceless!!

Now that the field has solidified a bit into a character we shall from this point on call Gingrich Romney, we can look for more partisan side speeches. Fewer promises to the general masses and more side speak, to the parties that will get to vote at the conventions. A real pissing contest so to speak. I’m more conservative than you! No, I more than you. The scary part is that the supposedly liberal sided Democrat in the race will be selling the same stuff to that audience.

The President’s record in that area is surprisingly pretty good. When it comes to the environment, he’s conservative all the way. Health care? He pushed though one of the most lackluster bills ever to reach law. It does more to preserve the status quo and help out the big insurance companies than had it been written solely by Republicans. He’s deported more Latin Americans than George Bush could have ever dreamed of. And his support for the latest toss the Constitution out the window if you suspect someone of terrorism is scary! Bottom line, no matter who wins, we get us a conservative president!

While the President did nominate Supreme Court replacements to offset the conservative stacking of the previous eight years, the upcoming battles on resuscitating the nuclear power industry and getting our troops out of Afghanistan loom in our future so liberal are in for a real battle. Don’t look to hear about those issues though in the upcoming campaigns. Gay marriage and gun control with a smattering of abortion law reform will be all the rage come next year. Don’t be so down though, beats the hell of a Kardashian scandal. Or maybe it doesn’t!

One thought on “Time with a front row seat

  1. tatiekc

    Since I was able to start voting 20 years ago, I have always longed for a choice “C”. I have voted all over the map, for Perot, Bush2, Clinton, McCain, clearly I am not affiliated with a particular party. I can remember how excited I was when there was a legit, albeit, slim chance that Perot could pull it off….Where is 2012’s Perot?

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