Time living in America Underwater

All the superficial blathering aside, the race to the White House apparently is going to be a dead heat race to the finish between the party that thinks with a new President everyone can forget the last four years ever happened, or the party who says, “ Hey, as a nation we hit an iceberg and we are still leaking a bit, but shore is in sight!” Neither instilling what one might call confidence in a nation of passengers grown very weary of government locked in gridlock and one so additcted to accruing detbt one day we may owe more than we are worth!

In a world where media, money and politics all seem to fuse together in a cacophony of endless sound bites called our election process, it is quickly coming down to crunch time. And not for the candidates, but for things such as power grids, interstate roads, safe food, clean water, railways and basic support systems that keep us safe from those who would profit at the cost of our safety. All items that if not addressed properly, and quickly removed from the backburner thinking of most politicians, are going to seriously be affecting any candidate we choose next fall. As rolling brown outs hit all of America in the next peak A/C season, will gay marriage really be that important of an issue?

Despite all of the pre-election season debates, few of us really have any feeling for any of the candidate’s abilities to address our real issues. The President of course has a record we can look at, but even that has given us little insight into what his future plans are for rebuilding an America crumbling from within.  A feat not ealsiy accomplished with solar panels! It is perfectly acceptable right now to tell the American people you are for employment, but have no real plan to address the issue. It is acceptable as well to have no knowledge other than it’s the other guy’s fault as to how and why we got into this mess.

Apparently discussing history or pointing out places where our economy has suffered is something best left for policy statements once one is elected? Akin to hiring a taxi driver who has no idea where you want to go and even less of an idea of how to get you there! This election will be about issues as superficial as the cover of People magazine! Really, are we still talking about a birth certificate?

Gay rights are not a real problem if the bridge you cross everyday to go to work is in danger of falling down! Gun ownership is only secondary to what people do with them. Religious issues in a country based on religious tolerance is a side street we can spend all day on while pensions funds go broke as the corporations raid them to invest in other countries.  The real issues we are facing are not the usual hot button campaign issues, but  problems such as our crumbling energy grid, the aged interstate system, and an array of bridges, water and sewer lines that we depend on daily. Arguing if it is the state’s job or the federal government doesn’t help the matter either.

All issues that we should be discussing on a national front this election season, but sadly will not be. We often complain about solid news sources and where we can get the information we need to make educated choices. In our debt charged run to be the world’s largest debtor nation, we can only hope when the new owners come along, they want to fix places more than the last owners did.

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