Time throwing the baby out with the bathwater

If I were a used car salesman and I wanted to sell you a car without seat belts and four bald tires, you argue at the suggestion from me that you were getting a great deal no matter what the price. It is one thing to be driving around thinking everything is okay with your car and a completely another to know an accident could happen at any time because you decided to save a few bucks. Well hello America; you’re saving a few bucks with all these cutting back efforts regarding the government, but in fact as a country we are an accident waiting to happen!

There are lots of ways to think about government. In a country whose basic tenant is government for the people, by the people we tend to forget that government without funding is less for all the people! We may raise an eyebrow when we see social programs are getting cut back and for those who rely on Medicare and Social Security, too bad for them. As long as the defense of the country remains over funded, the rest can grin and bare it, or so say the conservatives.  It is a lot easier to tighten your belt when you make a hundred thousand dollars plus than if you make twenty five thousand dollars.

But budget cuts of the size and proportion we are looking at are going to have a truly remarkable effect on not only our services, but also our safety. Like making sure the airplanes you fly are safe. Or that the roads and bridges you drive on everyday are safe and the water and environment are not the at the mercey of those whoe put profit before safety. What about support for low incomes families or food programs that feed hungry children who are not getting a decent three meals a day to go to school. Are we truly at the let them eat cake stage of inconsideration in this country?

Though I ask you what is a government, if it is not a safety mechanism to keep us safe from the outside, it must also keep us safe from the greed of some on the inside! To help those who cannot fend for themselves or need help securing housing, food or an education. That is where the government of all the people comes into play; not just the one for the rich who can afford it!

The basic comeback from those who want less and less government influence on our lives, the America Dream that insists that anyone can make it on their own, if they work hard enough. I want you to understand that this has never been true and never will be and that the dream has become a nightmare for some and can easiliy become for you as well. And might I add more and more of us ever year are awakening to the cold hard reality, no matter how many jobs we work, we will never achieve what some simply are born into!

Bottom line we need to start spending at home. We need a reinvestment America that focuses on infrastructure and getting our financial house back in order. Cutting government agencies to the bone does not do that. Starving government is a poor  mans short time fix for a long-term problem that no one seems to want to address. And our continued efforts are more akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater than actually dealing with our irresponsible spending and borrowing philosophies in this country!

(more to come)


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