Time for government by attrition

Not sure government by attrition is as catchy as saying government by the people, only with less people, but in a world where catch phrases fuel movements, get ready; the change we have all been looking for is about to come and go right before our eyes. The President recently announced that as part of his campaign promises he wants to work on making government smaller.

The fact that he doesn’t want to do it by sending out a large amount of pink slips is understandable in an election year. Hard to be working on getting people back to work, while at the same time reducing government spending by employing less people. One would think with all of the corporate elites he has as part of his staff, they would have figured out how to solve this dilemma by now. How does one reduce government while increasing employment?

Well if you pay any real attention to what goes on in Washington this is nothing more than the ultimate “pulling the rabbit out of the hat” trick of the day. We all know the rabbit is in the hat. We all know that reducing spending means reducing people in the workforce. Yet we all sit here and go, wow! Rabbit! Wow, less spending! Wow, don’t fire me!

The beauty of the President’s goal in an election year is that the conservative minded want the same thing. One might wonder what all the fuss will be about over the next few months when we all really want the same thing. And additionally, as part of his plan he will not be hiring people back when they retire. A win-win for all of us. Citing that there are at least five federal agenciesare dealing with housing and at least a dozen dealing with food, he made the statement this last week that the more we could consolidate the better. Here is a President actually doing what they say he should be doing. Reducing the size of government by consolidating overlapping duties among agencies!

Alarmed Conservatives however assure us that if they get their chance to address this issue they will start by gutting out of existence at least two of those five agencies, as quickly as possible. Democrats on the other hand want us to relax and understand they will address the issue as well but first will have to create two new agencies to consolidate the original five, giving us at least seven for the time being but in the end the result will be reduced agency cross over all dealing with each other and yes you guessed it, dealing very little with housing!

If this all sounds like business as usual in Washington, then maybe there is still hope for us yet. The understanding that only the rich can form companies and create employment nicely fits this redundant rhetoric so get ready to hear a lot about that as well over the next few months. Bottom line folks, and I use folks as an endearing term, when Washington seeks to reduce the size of Washington no matter who is in charge, you can be sure there will be a lot more government before they ever get the job done; by attrition or not!


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