Time stuck in the middle

The political commotion we call American politics unfolding before our eyes as of late is enough to make even the most politically active among us frustrated and appalled!.  Democrats and Republicans are supposed to circle their camps and only fire salvos of negativity toward each other; the Republicans must not have gotten the memo. Apparently in this age of adversarial politics the shotgun approach to spewing negativity towards one’s opponent leaves every candidate a target. For those who think this is something new, let us not forget, only four years ago Hillary and Barrack were doing the exact same thing that Romney and Gingrich are doing now!

As the pre-convention candidates all vie for leads thru primary postings, the last two viable candidates on the Republican side seem more than willing to give the opposition all the ammunition they need for later in the election process.  The millionaire and the paid lobbyist historian have no love for each other, and their daily rantings about each other’s inability to be Presidential material are only highlighted by miss speaks and rantings of those still running but out of the race.

After the President’s State of the Union address you might have caught the Republican response, which is a precursor for what they will be campaigning on when they finally get the right man picked to run for office. Deficits gone wild! Countries on the brink of financial disinter, sending millions walking the streets unemployed with little hope of finding work. American commercial markets gone and not coming back. Corporations unwilling to invest in a country they pay little or no taxes in! After all what is their incentive!! You get the picture. Not a single problem the previous Republican administration didn’t help create but somehow thru the miracle of a new election are for now all the present administration’s problems left unsolved!

Fresh off, four years ago, “It was broke when I got it,” the President prepares to enter a campaign season where he has to convince the American people to give him four more years to get America back on it’s feet and to work. Elected on the idea it was time for change, this President succeeded in just keeping the place running rather than making very many changes.

The Democrats quickly awaked to the fact that the change would have to address some really serious issues prior to accomplishing any real remodeling! The lack of any bipartisan efforts from the opposite political party has impeded a lot of what he has wanted to do. Even when the issues they were working on would have benefited all Americans, the stonewalling and back door deal making have left us with a Congress that can only move when its corporate conscious is aroused and that has hurt us all. On the bright side, we are not the United States of China, but we sure came close!

For those who wanted the President to be more liberal there is disappointment. To those who wanted him more conservative, again there is disappointment. I guess the best any of us can say right now is that we are stuck in the middle and no matter whom gets elected, we are going to be there for a while!


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