Time pitter pandering to the electorate

No political candidate has ever gotten elected that didn’t promise more than he could deliver. In the minds of the electorate the dance always begins with the question, “what can this person do for me?” in the mind of the candidate, it is, “ What do I have to say to get elected?” It always ends with either an elected candidate that once elected is suddenly made aware he isn’t the only one making decisions and an electorate who has a less than fifty fifty chance of getting what they wanted done!

Surprisingly, the “glass half full electorate” is more than willing to forget the major points of any candidate’s pre election promises, if they at least make a stab at doing what they were elected to do. No one ever got thrown out because they tried and just could not accomplish what they set out to do it. Okay, President Carter did. But he is a rarity!

As of late however the things that have come out of the mouths of current want to be presidential Republican candidates has got to have any electorate hearing them asking, “what are these guys thinking?”  Shortly after speaking with laid off workers of the space industry in Florida, Newt Gingrich was promising to build a colony on the moon by his second term. A permanent moon colony that we would go back and forth too, much the same way you now go from LA to San Diego, minus the traffic jams!

Rick Santorum said some things in Michigan last week that even the fool hardiest of voters must have thought pushed the limits of credibility. He plans to run an administration without regard to separation of church and state! And avows that this is the way the country’s forefathers would have wanted it. On top of that, he called the President a “snob” for wanting all to pursue college and job training programs. I remember  parents of my generation announcing that their child was the first to graduate from college in their family and being pretty dam proud of it! Education use to be something we were all proud of. By the way, Santorum has three college degrees and two of his children are in college; I guess not needing to get a degree is meant for your family, not his.

Among some of his other choice comments we find him stating, “Health insurance shouldn’t pay for things that are inexpensive.” And, “wasting energy makes a nation great.” Really? Who thinks this is the kind of thing a future President should be saying? Obviously someone out there agrees with Rick-speak. He is rising in the polls.

Bottom line, it’s a free country, you can say anything you think you can to get elected. On the other hand, if you listen to what some of these candidates are saying one has to wonder if they are even listening to themselves!



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