Time between Iraq and a hard place

Going to war with conservative backing is a lot like taking your mother-in- law out to dinner. Oh for sure she wants to go. But when she finds out how much you spent?  You will never hear the end of it.  It cost that much? I could of made the same thing at home for a quarter of that Mr. Money bags! Don’t you like my cooking? You get the jest of it. No one is ever happy. Should we find ourselves going off to war with Iran over their nuclear program, expect the same!

Israel has all but told us; we are going to take these guys out. Their Prime minister has come and in talks, pretty much says he has to defend their country from all would be aggressors. Iran having nuclear weapon makes them their aggressors # 1. Most of us get that. But again, selling it to the American people is not as easy as marching over to the UN, as our former President did, and putting on a slide show.

President Obama of course finds himself reeling from the cost of two wars he has yet to even scrape together money to pay for. A third war short of boats landing on our shores is pretty much out of the question. Who would finance it? Being broke might be the only positive factor we have going for us!

China is building roads and bridges and supplies Iran with tons of stuff. Russia is right there with them helping in the oil fields. Both major supporters of the theory, “let sleeping dogs lie”.  Oh that we could get on with building our economy and worrying less about  who gets what weapons where! Granted nuclear weapons are a big deal. And having people get them really close to you makes one very nervous. One need only think back a few years to the Cuban Missile crisis! Detente won out however, and if you remember your history, the US of A was not as innocent in that mess as we were once led to believe. Seems someone was putting some missiles in Turkey at the time, which got that whole mess going.  But I digress.

It’s an election year. President Obama came to office with two fully ongoing wars started by an administration that had no exit policy. A war with Iran under any circumstances has got to have one. Has got to have clear goals for what is to be accomplished. Just saying we will destroy their nuclear program is foolish. Unless of course someone has figured out how to wipe that knowledge from the earth! Not likely. Especially if once we knocked it out, China and Russia sold it right back to them!

Recently in the Washington Post several retired generals took out an add advising the President not to act foolishly with plans to go off and get in a war with Iran. Anyone working on his election campaign has got to be advising him to do the same. Yet conservatives who are always guns first talk later and the Jewish communities who definitely have an effect on elections are presenting a case that action needs be taken. Truly the President finds himself between Iraq and a hard place!


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