Time to change the conversation

It’s Richard. Not Rick. Can you see the nation at DEFCON ten on the brink of nuclear war and the Joint Chiefs waiting to push the button as soon as they get the go ahead from Rick?   Not that anyone wants to envision that scenario, but one has to wonder could this person really be a serious contender for the highest office in the land or is someone out there just pulling America’s chain, so to speak?

In what has been the largest relentless dumping of, “he thinks or he wants” to what they would do if elected cacophony of information the American people have ever witnessed, the Conservative Party appears to have gotten their message across. And if you are not one of the few not sure what that message is, don’t worry. If they loose the Presidential election, they will start all over again until you do know.

The so called debates or as I like to think, array of one night stands and side shows for nightly news consumption  have gotten the word out on how the conservative  party front runners feel. Unions bad. State’s rights good. Pensions bad, taxes bad. Welfare bad. Taxes on the richer than rich, acceptable! American Dream good. American dreamers bad; get a job. You get the jest!

It what has been a demoniac take over of the American conversation, Conservatives have made their views known over and over again. Democrats at best have found themselves agreeing to things they would barely have given credo to, had it not been for the Conservative Party setting the agenda.  Let’s face it, you expect to hear from the President daily, but with the invention of the monthly debates between candidates we have been discussing the Conservative agenda for two years!  The irony of it all however is we spend all our time arguing about the past and seldom are we discussing anything serious about the future or how better to get there!

Like a cue tip, stuck in our ear ever so softly, each night conservative speak has been gnawing at America’s conscious until most Americans in their head know the ideas are wrong but have not been convinced in their gut they might not be! Unions bad. Obama-care bad. How much time and energy did we waste chatting over Herman Caine’s 666, Gingrich wanting to establish moon bases or the latest Rick sound bite that he is willing to accept Puerto Rico as a state when they switch to English as the national language! Forget that applying for statehood does not require that! Just conservative speak to keep us all talking about issues that sound important but truly are not! All issue as they say helping us focus on what we need to do to turn this country around?

See even I did it! “Turn this country around from where?”  From Wall Street taking away our credit rating? From people not going to the right church? From a war with Iran?  Excuse me but,  there is no real turning away from going forward. I guess of course unless you want to live in the past.  Spoiler alert to this blog; there is no living in the past!


(to be continued)


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