Time getting a word in edgewise

It is hard to have a discussion with someone who feels they are right and has all the facts to back themselves up. Persons arguing with gut level determination and a complete understanding of the issues have little patience or room for either new information or a reinterpretation of what they may already know. Sound familiar? Anyone who has had an ongoing discussion with one whom deems themselves conservative understands the frustration of trying to get them to think you, “ the other side,” may have a point. 

It is a strange world of paradoxes that one enters when attempting to understand conservative speak. Talk radio is deemed to be the end all when it comes to whom to get trusted information from. Early morning bubble-heads picked for good looks and abilities to read from pre-programmed teleprompters are the Walter Cronkite’s of the day! Pretty faces and silk suited tan the mans,  have replaced the investigative reporter in the field, who actually wrote what they reported. And when conservative speak is found to be blatantly untrue, it is deemed entertainment and scoffed off as in, “so what!”

Unfortunately once the jury of public opinion hears the remarks e they false or true,  there is no putting them back in the box!  A half-truth personal opinion reported as “here says news” early in the morning can be full fact by the time the evening news re-reports it. And once accepted, that information is repeated over and over and over. Unfortunately the more it is repeated the truer it becomes in the eyes and minds of the party! As Yoda might say, ” Victims of our own propaganda, I say!”

Some of the strange paradoxes that we have come to believe as true are the result of conservative speak flooding our airways; Government is the enemy of your pocketbook but at the same time protector of it!  Corporations, if presented with fewer taxes will employ more people albeit it in foreign countries! The rich are the ones who make the world go around and they enjoy going the world around to enjoy being rich at everyone else’s expense! Union pensions owed need to be reduced because they were decided in good times and now we can’t afford to pay them unless of course you are living on one of those pensions.

The goal of conservative speak is to get you to take a side. It all boils down to whose side are you on. Which in turn helps establish camps that end up getting nothing done, as witnessed by the gridlock that has taken over Washington these last few years. In his book, “Just how stupid are we,” Rick Shenkman makes mention that government was never supposed to be a popularity contest. The founding fathers feared this would happen and thus supported a republic rather than a democracy as our form of government. Yet given a public driven by a Madison Avenue news making machine, there is no telling where our country will hang its hat politically in the next twenty years. Everything is pointing toward a more conservative view of the world and the way we are ruled.

Are we doomed to have presidential candidates knowingly saying the dumbest things ever heard, just because they can? Are we going to turn quietly and sit around and accept scripted news for fact while real reporting is phased out because it is not cost effective? Are we to become a gut level opinion driven information society, who goes to the polls more like a lynching mob rather than as educated voters?

One thing is for certain, getting a word in edgewise with someone who already knows the answer is getting harder and harder to do regarding political issues.  As we find ourselves on opposite sides of everything we seem to try to discuss, less and less seems to get done; and that benefits none of us!


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