Time hijacking the health care conversation

In what some might consider the conservative Republican parties greatest achievement this session, the Supreme Court has taken on Obama care. What may turn out to be as big as giving corporations sanctity in the polling place, the highest court in the land has decided to enter the fray on health care. Not so much to determine if it is good or bad coverage, but if it is legal to make you pay for it if you don’t have coverage. The key here being, “make you” pay for it.

Determined to be the party with a tighter watch on your money than you have, the bringing of Obama care under the impactful eye of the Supreme Court is a plan long in the making.  In trying to understand why they have gone to the major court of the land to do this, we come up with some interesting ideas.

Are those unhappy with the plan looking to see if this forced plan is going to be giving Americans what they are being forced to pay for; decent health care coverage?  Are they looking to see if insurance companies will be getting too much money from their new monopoly on the prescription health care plans we will be forced to use, no matter whom we get coverage from? Or maybe they are looking to see if they can declare unconstitutional the costs insurance companies will be reimbursed to advertise and maintain their market stability? No, it is none of the above.

The court will simply be looking to see if it is legal for the federal government to impose a fee on you; just because. For sure it is a pretty good “just because”, that being just because you could get sick and need health care coverage. Our old system of taking care of you for free was just too taxing; literally. Democrats and Republicans alike feel the rest of America shouldn’t have to pay your bill. Of course the only ones that would have to pay the new fee would be those who refuse to go out and get health care coverage. Hmm, let’s see, who that could be? Oh, yes, those who can’t afford coverage now. Nice of the Supreme Court to be worried about them!

So besides apparently beating a dead horse for another ten yards for not going anywhere, what is the true meaning behind getting the Supreme Court to look into this? They don’t necessarily have a history of addressing the rights of the poorest among us out of the goodness of their hearts! Could it really be because some fear someone might be getting an abortion for free from the government in the next year or three years from now? If that were the case, might I suggest your time be better spent on sex education or Planned Parenthood now?

No, the real reason is to control the conversation about national health care plans, and to do it so in such a negative manner the American people will slowly, without the facts, turn against it. Recent polls show their strategy is working. Almost 67% of the American people are against the so named Obama care. As for the fee issue, here is a movie spoiler for you; it really is a mute issue as well, because this April 15th you get to pay one of the particular mandated fees government imposes on us all the time.

Obama care was to be the start of an ongoing process.  It has turned out to be an end in itself. One that we have been assured by the Republican candidates will not be an issue for them, for they plan to kill the law on their first day after being elected. So why send this up and tie up the Supreme Court and all the newspapers front pages around the country? Because if we are talking about this, we are not talking about any of the real issues facing our country. And after all, is that the goal of controlling the conversation!


One thought on “Time hijacking the health care conversation

  1. Deciding whether or not Congress can force people to buy a particular product or service just because they live in America is a pretty important deal.

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