Time passing the good news around

There is a little bit of being a Luddite in all of us. Prime example; despite the fact we all live in the “information access age” and possess the capability to easily communicate with millions at the ease of pushing a button, many of us are still holding smart phones asking; “ Do you folks know how to post to You Tube?”  We have technology, but we are slow to use it because deep down we don’t trust change.

Few adults among us would have a hard time retelling a story where the new and improved neither worked better nor benefited those who rushed out to use it. So here we are; stuck in the middle. Inherently distrustful of the new and better while glued to our TV’s waiting for the latest breaking bad news to assure us the latest good news we heard on the news tonight was not really good news at all.

For those who have watched the news for years and grew up trusting in the plethora of Walter Cronkite commentators one can only lament about a time when the news was news, neither biased or the product of a corporate PR department.  A time when a newscaster’s own personal integrity would have prevented them from telling you something if it were not true. Not sure that same kind of integrity comes across watching the morning bubble heads of CNN, MSNBC, and Faux as they rant about what they see and blend real with personal conjectures.  For those who have grown up in the last ten years however, the news is always greeted with an eye of suspect.

If we are ever to turn our eyes away from the bad news and start looking for good news, we are going to have to come to grips with the fact that good news is change and change is not easily accepted. Embracing change in a world gone bad news crazy is going to be painful. The fact that we have come to distrust the good news simply because we feel it must have some angle attached to it makes appreciating and developing a positive attitude about our futures all that much harder.

In their book Abundance, Kotler and Diamandis tell us of many things that are happening which should be giving us a lot of hope but are getting dismissed as just false hope in a world gone fear crazy! If one were to look at all the latest breakthroughs in medical care one would certainly have new hope for the future, but in the same breath, when we attach the words Obomacare to them, it is easy to see how even the most optimistic among us can feel depressed.

The major problem with change is that it is never perfect. We hear about fracking the ground beneath us with bad chemicals and people loosing their water supply so that some of us can enjoy lower natural gas prices and we end up on sides.  One family suddenly has polluted undrinkable water, while another has heat they can afford! Jobs versus the environment all over again. Or what about genetically engineered milk or seeds? One side bad for us, while another reaps a harvest from lands that yield a quarter of the same product without the genetic modifications!

If we can all step back away from the television and take a good look around us, we will all find good news is much more prevalent than we might suspect. And if we have the courage to pass that good news along to others, maybe just maybe good news will pick up some speed on that bad news and the saying about which one travels faster will change for us all!


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