Time for a politcal dog and pony show

With on coming tropical storm, soon to be Hurricane Isaac, barreling down on Florida the Republicans are upset. After all no one plans a convention with the idea that the main floor might be flooded out and God forbid all the participants end up being trapped in a huge arena for days! How ironic seven years hence from Katrina such a thing could happen. Guess depending on which side of the political volleyball net you reside in will determine if you have crossed fingers for the storm or against it!

Either way, conventions seldom live up to the hype anymore. The meat and potatoes of who is going to get the nomination are already done and thanks to all those primaries that’s not going to change at the last minute. On the good side, political advertising will come to a halt this week as well. Let’s face it, if all the channels are covering the convention in prime time and you can’t buy that kind of advertising, why compete with yourself?

Convention week is about as spontaneous as a night at the opera. It is a choreographed event made for the sound bite world we now live in. Very little sustenance of real issues, plenty of flashy gut and knee jerking emotional fluff meant to make you feel better about one side and less better about the other all presented in HD!

For those wondering where the 99% are to protest, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. They not doubt have been cordoned off to an area just outside of Orlando, many miles away. And sadly America isn’t into that kind of protesting anymore. If you’re not a Republican there is a general idea that being American means staying out of the political fracas. To let it happen. Watch or ignore, your choice. Do your protesting at the ballot box. Oh how times have changed.

Speaking of changes, The Log Cabin Republicans sponsored a hors d’oeurves reception on Monday for the Gay and Lesbian Republicans in attendance. Citing the fact that even though the older conservative aspect of the party is still in full control, the times they are a changing. And it won’t be long until gay ideas of marriage are incorporated into the party. After all, isn’t gay marriage an issue of liberty and who in their right mind would be against liberty at a Republican convention? Good luck to them.

Additionally, if we do see some protesters they will be dyed in the wool Republicans who are upset over platform stances. Other notes of interest, even though Ron Paul’s son is a party backer he will not get a prime speaking part at the convention but will be featured in a tribute video. He will get the, polite shall we say, “ sit down and shut up! You lost!” And the Birthers will be out in force but look for their contribution to be somewhat subdued as well. Despite the fact that many will have speaking parts at the convention, at least seven of them at last count; few look to make an issue of it. It just dawned on me some may have read that and thought I was talking about right to life issues. No, Birthers still want to see the President’s real birth certificate.

In a strange bit of irony the convention will feature the national debt clock that will systematically count debt while the convention is running. Regardless of who caused all of the debt in the first place, the speakers will no doubt allude to how important it is to get that clock going in reverse. Which is akin to Todd Akin trying to put that rape-abortion comment back into the box.

So Tampa, bring it on. We are all ready. This is not our first dog and pony show.


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