Time answering the call to Leadership

Electing a president is the easy part. Putting up with some of the people they bring into office along with them, not so easy. While some who vote may still have the naïve notion that the president makes the decisions and runs things, the reality of it is that he is the front man/ultimate fall guy for the decisions made by those he brings with him. More than one president has paid the price for the actions of those he appoints and chooses to assist with the leadership of this country. Nixon, Bush two, Carter and maybe Obama come immediately to mind!

Getting put onto the president’s cabinet is perhaps one of the most important jobs one can have in their lifetime. Needles to say some will shine, others get by and some fail miserably. Presidential cabinet members can make an administration the successes they are or leave them with a black eye history never forgets.

Harold Ickes championed the National Park System and created millions of jobs through the building of bridges and infrastructure helping bring us out of the Depression of the thirties. On the other hand, Treasury Secretary Paulson’s answer to the financial crisis was going before Congress with three sheets of paper, outlining what Congress had to do was give the banks and investment houses billions with no strings attached along with a free get out of jail card if it was later to be found they misused the money! The current Treasury Secretary Mr. Geithner and his associates are working to turn the economy around for the president. Their success or failure will be in large part a very integral part of this falls election. Again, people never elected!

Yet in the world of quid pro quo politics we all need to be just a little more than suspicious of our president’s choices to help them. A truly naïve person would think that all who come to work for a president have no ulterior motives. In his book Leadocracy, Geoff Smart encourages private citizens to step up and take active roles in government. He seeks honest people to turn the bureaucrats around from what seems their endless going in circles on issues that need action now.

Who better to solve financial crises then people who have been there before in their own businesses. Problem is when people come from industry to government and return to their former jobs, we all have to be suspicious. The swinging doors between Washington and Wall Street as of late move faster than circular fans in hot July! Regardless of which side of the political fence you sit, when the foxes are courted to guard the hen house as the only applicants for the job, that can never be good for America!

As the election 2012 makes its final assault on our ears, eyes, minds and last nerves we would do well to remember, we are electing more than just a Romney or an Obama. Granted it would be better if no matter which one wins the chosen man would rule to the consensus of us all, but in a world of quid pro quo election maneuvering no one gets elected who doesn’t have some favors to repay. The piper must be paid, and it will be paid in the men the president brings with him that never got elected, but will have effects on us long after this president or a new one is long gone!

Few presidents are learned in how to take the country to war. Even fewer are steeped in how to turn an economy gone sour around. So it is up to those chosen and collectively organized into a team by the president to do said such things. We already have an idea what the incumbent’s team can do, but in an election such as we face this year, we have the opportunity to jump ship so to speak and bring in some new guys. Always asking ourselves is four years long enough?  Is the new guy going to be better? And we generally always end up saying, “meet the new boss; same as the old boss!”

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