Time in the 47%


The battle for whom is more in touch with Middle Class America and more concerned over that groups economic future continues unabated in this political season of, “ I love you man, no man, I love you more than he does!”  For sure having money invested in the Cayman Islands or on a quick draft account through your favorite Swiss Bank doesn’t mean you don’t care about your fellow Americans any less than say if you were only a multimillionaire. Nor does having no idea how much a gallon of milk costs or a trip through the Burger King drive through for a family of four determine if you have your finger on the pulse of Middle Class America.

As noted in the last blog there are still fifty days or so left to Election Day and with both candidates for President wired for sound twenty-four seven there is no telling what we might learn about them, that may endear us to appreciate they care more about Middle Class America than they do about the poor or the very rich. Of course the pressure is on the Romney campaign to say all of the right things. Being President, as Mr. Obama is, you get a little more leeway in what you say, because after all you actually have the job of being Mr. President and you already know speaking your mind has consequences. Just ask George Bush what it means to say, “Mission accomplished, “ and his silence will tell you mouthfuls.

The latest miss speak or true speak as you might want to call it came from the Romney camp, when the candidate was taped talking privately to supporters at a fundraiser last May. Just leaked to the press this week, Mr. Romney admittedly pointed out that 47% of the electorate is hopefully addicted to some form of government entitlement and not in the least going to vote for him. Such honesty hurt a lot of people’s feelings, especially the ones who work everyday but don’t make enough to pay taxes.

Maybe the next time he is in his favorite Wal-Mart someone might point out that the person who is checking him out is very likely a member of the 47%. Thanks to corporate welfare and tax breaks, she/he is only and will only ever be a part time worker. That entitles them to food stamps, medical assistance and help with living expenses. Bottom line, most jobs that pay minimum wage don’t provide insurance. Most jobs that are seasonal don’t provide it either.

Or the elderly who worked their whole lives paying taxes and are now off the tax roles. As for those who are just plain having a rough go of it and need some sort of safety net to keep them from being in the streets whom find themselves firmly embedded in the 47% must feel pretty unloved by the Republican party right now!

As for the statement itself, if you are a Conservative, it was something you already believe and hearing it probably made you feel better about deadbeats and entitlement dependent America and Romney himself, who at times seems lost in the process of running for political office. Tea Party people think the number is even higher by the way. And devout radio blabber heads assure us that just about everyone who is getting some freebee from the government is of low moral value and a detriment to American society. The very idea that people are getting by living off the government while others are hard at work supporting them is the stuff that Conservatism is made of for God’s sake! Thus if anyone thinks the statement hurt Romney’s base, think again. One might wonder if the leak was actually planned to boost his dwindling support among his own supporters.

While we are talking about percentages of Americans by the way, did you see that the       “ 99%” celebrated their one-year anniversary of the beginning of their sit in on Wall Street this past week?  New York police were out in force to make sure that the occasion was marked with a quiet walk down the street in New York and that no one brought a tent.  Other cities made sure of the same. So much for a people’s movement against Wall Street.

Romney’s comments will undoubtedly firm up supporter’s beliefs that too many people are on welfare and dependent on some form of government support to exist. But the same tactics that elected a Reagan or a Bush are not going to work this time. Less government is here, been here and having an effect on all Americans and for some not in such a positive way. The dwindling tax roles are not solely because people have become addicted to entitlements. Obviously still a very hard thing for those in the one-half of one percent income tax bracket to grasp. Yet if they plan on ever winning the hearts and minds of the Middle Class, they had better start accepting the fact we are all in this together, and dividing us up according to how we pay taxes is a surefire means of loosing an election!

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