Time debating the debate

So there you have it. The much-ballyhooed first Presidential debate has taken place. The winner as declared by the media is Mitt Romney! The loser; the American People! Apparently the debate has done for Mr. Romney what a week of supporters on national television waving flags and making speeches as to his competency could not; that being giving his campaign a boost in the polls. Perhaps a bit premature, Mr. Romney has been sending out e-mails to his supporters announcing that victory is in sight! In sight much like Russia is from Sarah Palins Alaskan front porch.

To most who viewed the debate the results of who would come out the winner were a forgone conclusion with perhaps more conservatives cringing and getting ready for the worst than say the Democrats. The surprise of course was that Mr. Romney had great answers, executed confidently his rehearsed zingers and sounded good to those who were only listening for mistakes and even better to those who agreed with what he had to say; even before he said it!

In preparation for the debates, fearing the worst, faux news bubble heads make known the fact that Mr. Romney had little debate experience compared to the President’s.  At least at the levels he was competing at now. After the debate, those same bubble heads played down the fact that Mr. Romney has been running for President for four years and been debating non stop on national television for at least two! Putting their forgone cheer leading aside, few who watched the debate either liberal, democrat, conservative, liberal conservative, republican or socialist walked away feeling the President had presented a case where he was the better of two choices for the most powerful man in the worlds job.

One can easily understand an incumbent not presenting well. Its not like he has another job that demands a twenty four seven attention span nor is it always that easy to defend decisions that did not turn out as well as the intentions that created them. A President rules by consensus and ultimately makes a decision he has to stand by. Yeah on the Bin Laden one, not so on Lawrence Summers! On the other hand the candidate running for President has no such constraints and has the luxury of presenting his own version of a “ what if world.” One that is always better than the one we are living in!

Mr. Romney seems to have at least accomplished that. His ideas sounded fresh to some and quite possible to others. But yet they were just ideas. Mr. Romney is going to repeal Obama Care on the first day of office. Work with both sides of the aisle until he gets unanimous agreement. Make sure the middle class gets at a four thousand dollar tax savings while at the same time not charging one single multi millionaire a dime more on their taxes. Re put seven hundred million dollars back into Medicare that never came out! Give small businesses a reduction in taxes so they can hire more people, they may or may not need! And encourage larger corporations to send jobs wherever they feel they must to make sure their profits stay as high as they are now. Of course during a Romney Presidency China is going to get the money we owe them for two wars paid back to them, only if they play fair in their trading practices. Iran will know that a line in the sand has been drawn and that the USA is ready to go to war to keep them from having nuclear capabilities. While other countries having financial crisis’s can also count on the USA staying out of their business so they can figure it out on their own without our interferences! Spoiler alerts that stuff gets talked about in an upcoming debate!

Bottom line walk away feeling from the first debate is that Romney talked about a world we would all like to be living in. One just short of two flat screen TV’s on everyone’s living room wall and our mortgages all paid off.  President Obama told us what he has done and that we have a long way to go to get to Mr. Romney’s world.  Mr. Romney wants to make America strong again. Mr. Obama assured us that we still are.  Mr. Romney feels taxation hurts imitative. Mr. Obama has bills to pay left over from people who felt like Mr. Romney about taxes and that dealing with details is better left for another day.

Debates like polls are pretty fluid memories in the minds of voters. As far as this one went, the candidate that made you feel good about a world we will never get to live in won. The candidate that came to discuss issues of reality and a world we are all soon going to find ourselves in, lost. I am sure there are some undecided voters and many out there who now think Mr. Romney might make a good President, but when it comes to dealing with the hard-core realities of being one, the jury is still out for him. At least for two more debates anyway. Advice to the President; even the strongest cup of tea taste better with a little sugar in it and that goes for both decaf or regular!


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