Time getting the best and worst job you ever had

It is not going to be long now. After a campaign season that seems to have started before the last inauguration inks were dry, we will have a new or have re-elected the president for four more years. And while the outcome is still very much anyone’s guess, the boys in Vegas are leaning toward the money and they say the Obama’s are going to be here a while longer. Yet regardless of whether or not that is the case, America will go on. Houses and Senates will get to do the real work of making laws, Supreme Court Justices will decide which laws are in our best interest in keeping with all the laws we have, and the American people will get to sit back and wonder “what if” for four more years.

What if; as if in had real issues been a major part of deciding the election outcome whom might have been the winner? Not once in the election did you hear about outsourcing of the American military. For sure you heard about Libya and was it a terrorist or not who killed our ambassador. But did you ever hear that the reason there was no one protecting them was because outsourcing had failed? No, not likely.

There was no discussion of climate or climate change in general or specific either. The Romney camp is supported by people who have no idea that weather and climate are not the same thing. Democrats on the other hand are scared to death to address carbon issues for fear someone will tag them as against jobs. President Obama’s war on coal cost him votes all over coal country and the issue was never about production but about safety. Pays to know how to frame an argument!

In my estimation, the most important issue never discussed was what kind of person either man would be looking for to fill the upcoming vacancies on the Supreme Court. The next Presidential term may see as many as two vacancies in the next four years. I know a pretty mundane issue to most, but in reality not mundane at all. One only needs to think back to the election of Bush over Gore to understand how important those positions are. Or the infamous 1866 decision regarding Santa Clara County versus the Southern Pacific Railroad which gave corporations person hood!That 1866 decision lead the way a hundred years later for corporate money to become a serious part of the election process. Wondering why you have seen so many advertisements on TV; look to that decision! Regarding all that new one sided money, apparently neither candidate was upset about it, given neither brought it up during the entire campaign!

And perhaps the one question that never really gets asked is why anyone would want the job of president in the first place. For sure there is a power/ego aspect of being the President of the United States, being the most powerful man with not only weapons but words in the entire world, but there has to be more than that. Power is not to a “be all, end all” aspect of all that we do in our lives. Yet as the saying goes, “It’s good to be King,” although to take the job seriously who really understands what it means to be a President?

Mr. Romney has more money than he can ever hope to spend, is a Bishop in the Mormon Church and for sure on his way to eternal promise but if he thinks running a company is enough experience to run a country, he is in for a big surprise. President Obama as well, is a highly educated and a compassionate man who has worked his way up through the political ranks from community organizer of the poor to leader of his party, but nothing could have prepared him for the mess he found the country in! On the first day of the job his economy was loosing 800,000 jobs a month and facing the most sever financial crisis since the Great Depression, we were waging two wars on all borrowed money and the greed of wall street had our banking system by the throat. Oh yeah where do I sign up!

Few men ever leave the job of President un-scoured or forever remembered as cad or hero. In reality we have no idea what or how the man we have elect will react in the next four years. Richard Nixon the only man to ever resigned job and a staunch Republican turned out to be the most liberal President we ever had! He gave us more federal agencies to protect us than any liberal Democrat elected before or since!

I don’t have a crystal ball so I have no idea if the election is too close to call, or if one or the other is ahead. But like those fellas from Vegas, my money is on the man who will do the best job for all the people and that includes the rich, the poor and the ones in the middle. How good a job will they do, will be a point of endless discussion over the next four years. Bottom line, whomever does get the job, it’s either going to be the best or the worst job they ever got and the deciding about how that worked out will rest with us, the American people, four years from now.


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