Time to make a donation to save the world; or at least a part of it

I say that as in, “do we have time to save the world, you know we are so busy? ” There was a time when it was pretty easy to find persons or groups of people all engaged in saving the world. Saving the world was was an achievable goal! Charities as well, called upon their donors to help save the world and it was pretty much a given if we all worked together, we could seriously make some changes that would make a difference in how people lived long after we are gone.  We have gotten cynical though and it would not be out of line to ask, how about a show of hands regarding who believes we can save the world  anymore? Just what I thought!

Now that the election is over and we here in America have folded seamlessly into the Black Friday mindset, it seems we are less worried about changing the world than we are about just getting by, till next pay. And thank our lucky stars we now have the opportunity to stand in a line at three in the morning to get thirty dollars off an I-Pad! God bless all including Tiny Tim, Target, Wal Mart,, and Sears and J C Penney!

Times have changed and not for better or worse. They have just changed. We are no longer defined as hippies, long-hair do good-ers, social activist, peaceniks, and social reformers. No, we are now soccer moms, retirees, consumers, focus groups and key demographics, just to name a few. Oh for sure we tried at one time to make things better for us all, but suddenly the world changed and it got a lot harder to pay the rent and still show up to protest zoning, nasty polluting companies and corporation more interested in profits than the very people they need to be their consumers and workers!

And to a person there is not one of us who would not voice a complaint that the old world was better. We had more respect for each other and those we elected to govern us, and we for sure treated even strangers with more respect than some of us do our own family members today! One might ask, what went wrong?

According to Margaret Wheatltey, in her book “ So Far From Home, Lost and found in Our Brave New World,” nothing has gone wrong. We are all living in a world that has many causes to its many problems. In many cases we have caused some of our own problems for sure because we like stuff. It becomes pretty hard for a caring consumer to live sustainability in North America if you want fresh strawberries in the dead of winter. Hello direct 747 flights from South America; here come your strawberries. And that I – Pad you are waiting in line for is made by people who don’t get near enough compensation to make it, no matter how much you rationalize different standards of living for different people around the world!

So where do we go now? Are we to throw whatever dream we have had in the past of being sustainable out the window because it’s just too hard to do? Have we given up on others so that we can get the third Flat Screen TV for the garage?  Here is an idea. How about making a donation on Donation Tuesday? Yes you have shopped on  small retailers Saturday and on Cyber Monday. But tomorrow is donation Tuesday. How about making a donation to your favorite charity? It could help really help!

One of the most informative books I ever read was, “Bowling Alone” by Robert D Putnam.  It statistically cited the movement of America away from being social and being in community groups, to moving inside their houses, closing the blinds and setting up shop before their televisions. Yet, Putman would be amazed at our behaviors today, for we are all now connected. Tweets, face book, my space, pint-erst, you name it, we know more about each other than we ever did. One can proudly boast of 6oo and some friends! But are they really your friends?

The next set of blogs are going to be about the new world we find ourselves in and how we seem not to fit in it very well anymore. Feel free to comment and agree or disagree. But first lets do something for old times sake. Give a little to someone who really needs our help. Put the cynicism aside. Make this a Holiday season, of seems like old times. Make a donation on Tuesday or any other day for that matter, by clicking here!





One thought on “Time to make a donation to save the world; or at least a part of it

  1. tatiekc

    I am currently in Paris for the next few weeks. It’s funny. I was talking to our driver from the airport, Abib, who asked why I was in France for six weeks. I explained that I was escaping the holidays….and told him about Black Friday. The concept was so bizarre to him that people would camp out and wait overnight for “stuff”. He was bewildered.
    He did say that it was too bad I wasn’t going to be here for the sales after Christmas. (I will be leaving right before apparently…) Here in France they do sales four times a year. Period. That’s it. No “frequent shopper cards” or coupons….rebates, or BOGOS.
    But still there is a level of commercialism that has permeated internationally.
    Even if the French are too chic too camp out for a free mini iPad…..they still love a good bargain.

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