Time being the middle class Cinderella at the Ball

The relief we collectively felt when the election was over has now melted into a semi-state of euphoria amid inauguration speeches, parades and balls. Despite the fact that we remain perilously perched near financial cliffs and with our noses pressed tightly against borrowing ceilings, the middle class it would seem prefers to ponder things of a much less stressful nature. Like Cinderella we the middle class are at the ball, and no matter what happens after the stroke of midnight, we are going to enjoy ourselves before the stroke of midnight eventually comes!

To those who would toss cold water on our moment we might add: Corporations small, medium and large are doing better. Banks, real estate markets and housing are showing signs of recovery at remarkably greater rates than any of the politicians told us about just a few months ago! To further support our new found euphoria no newscaster even mentioned Greece this whole past month. All areas that seem to have miraculously resolved their issues at the cost of the middle classes ability to borrow ten grand to buy a car to get to our minimum wage jobs; but this is not the time to be nit picky!

Despite the fact that TV bubbleheads are all in a frenzy over liberal agendas and that the first lady used the same designer two inaugurations in a row for her dresses, the middle class as of late has seldom had some feel good moments and they have no intention of letting this one slip by. Not really caring that the new liberal agenda now sitting on the table resembles a strange food someone has brought to the potluck and there are few takers really willing to support it. Our hope is that the man we elected to take care of immigration, gay rights, the poor, the environment and a host of entitlements we paid for is about to step up and do just that!

For sure he supports the middle class, and he knows entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare make us stronger as a country he said so publically.  Will he turn out to be the liberal he has been prophesized to be? Or will he continue to play the moderate, hoping that any victory is good, regardless of what it costs.

Conservative pundits for sure are standing on their soap boxes announcing to the world their long-awaited I told you so!  Joined by a chorus of NRA supported gun owners who are all out buying new locks for their gun cabinets. I even saw a replay of a musket toting Charleston Hesston uttering that classic line, “…from my cold dead hands!” A climate that either can lead to progress or an entrenchment into ways of the past simply being reaffirmed.

Mandates aside, regardless of how popular the vote was that elected him, this President is no dummy. He knows before you can get to even a compromise a few lines must be laid down. Hopefully he will remember how burnt he can get on that idea, when he thinks back to the Affordable Care Act. What started as a single payer health care for all Americans ended up being anything but. In a world that has absolutely no short term memory politically or for what one politician said yesterday, the middle class is in trouble if our middle class prince drops the ball again.

One thing for certain is that the real work that lies ahead for this President and Congress determined to keep its head in the sand is that when it comes to the middle class, dressing us up and taking us to the ball is a nice gesture and we deserved it. But the future of this county is firmly planted on the backs of the workers of this country, heretofore known as the middle class. Not people making 250,000 dollars a year but those of us perched at or just above poverty lines. The sooner they in charge of government realize that, the better off we are all going to be!

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