Time taking a politician to the movies

“ Wow, some Oscars huh? “ According to the ratings we all watched and who can blame us? Talk about glitzy no connection to reality Americana on full view for the world. Close to a billion people watched as we Americans sat glued to our TV’s oohing and awing the walk down the red carpet. All stars in movies most of us are waiting to see come out on video because the nine fifty price of admission is a budget cruncher!

The best performances we will see however this week will come on the nightly news. I speak of what we can expect to see from Congress and the President regarding yet another round of “Oops we are broke slash having another cliffhanger economical sequestering event again.”  This by the way is a movie we have seen before !

For those needing a plot refresher, think of the  silent film, “ The Perils of Pauline. “ You know, the one where the curly haired maiden gets tied to the railroad tracks. Caused not surprisingly by a debt issue regarding some borrowing and not paying back of the loan. America has learned the same lesson, i.e. the great depression and as we are repeatedly being reminded of now, that sooner or later you have to pay your debts. No longer are we financially able to say, “ Don’t worry, be happy! ” The time has come to start paying up.

Granted in the movie version of this pay up or loose the farm, Pauline is tied to the railroad track by the people owed the debt. In real life however the American people, playing the part of Pauline by the way, are tied to the railroad track not by China or some foreign nationals seeking payback, but by our own government! There is actually hero who can save Pauline in the movie, but in real life and this is where the plot thickens the only one that can save Pauline is her!

So, if you will. Congress and the President are arguing over our debt and their relentless borrowing to fund wars, Medicare, Social Security, bridge repair, food inspections, economy bailouts, bank loans sans interest, airplane safety, implements of war replacement costs and everything else you can imagine that the government spends money on, better known as government spending.  Republicans want less to be spent and don’t care what we spend less on just as long as we spend less. Democrats are not sure what they want but know for sure if the American people see them as indecisive here, mid term elections are toast for the party!  Thus we have a Mexican standoff, as the movies like to show us every now and then, which looks like it may turn out to be the gunfight at the OK corral!

To add insult to injury anything worked out this week will for sure only be a short-term solution.  Long term solutions, obviously much like long-term thinking in Washington, is as hard to find as two-dollar popcorn at the movies.  Bottom line: Pauline will be tied to the tracks again and again and we all run the chance of not really getting too upset if we loose a Pauline every now and then or at least just a piece or two of her!

It has come to the point in America that addressing the issue of the national debt is really a non-issue. The amount of money we are talking about is beyond what the average person on the streets can even comprehend ever paying it back.  Furthermore, he has no idea who he is paying back.   Which brings us right back to the movies.  The film Dirty Harry comes to mind.

If Washington wants Pauline to go to work, get a job, buy a house, get groceries, take a vacation or buy anything, they had better figure out how to solve this problem or come next election season, Pauline will be spouting, “ Go ahead, make my day!” and try running for office again!


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