Time to hang the phone up; for a while!

Did the hearings regarding the attack in Benghazi and subsequent reports that the IRS paid particularly special attention to applications seeking non-profit tax status only because they had the name Tea Party in them bother you? Perhaps not as much as the media would have liked you too but surely the latest news regarding the Department of Justice wanting reporters phone records so as to learn who their sources were had you up in arms? Still nothing, eh? Okay what about Verizon and their communication counterparts handing over to the government every phone call every one of us in the USA has made in the last seven years? Now your getting warm!

 Regarding Benghazi there are few who didn’t see this as Washington politics at their worst. Much ado, producing very little substance, with the main read of that being the hearings were an event created to make the Democrats;; especially Hillary Clinton look bad. The Republicans have never been shy about wanting to make bad press for the President, stressing that in this case the American voting public if it had been given all the information on the subject might of thought differently come voting day; yeah right! Regardless if it was a witch-hunt to derail any further attempt by Hillary Clinton to run for the Presidency or not, elections are way too far off to even think anyone really cares about that now.

Yet, regarding people getting their private phone records shared, tapped or recorded for no reason at all is cause for being upset by all of us. Where is the Congress man or woman standing on the steps of the Capitol announcing that this is the first step in loosing all our rights and America becoming a totalitarian state? Seems when even the simplest of gun registry agendas was the talk of the town the gun lobby made totalitarian state a point we all needed to worry about! As a result of that, now even the craziest of us can buy a gun on the Internet; sans any background check! Too bad we don’t have a freedom lobby to do the same for personal rights. Oh yeah we do; its called the Constitution and Bill of Rights!

 In a climate of fear apparently, our personal freedom and rights are the first things to be put aside in the name of public safety. And given the fact that even the smallest problem can be amplified into worldwide news by our twenty-four hour media, determining how bad any problem we face here is, seems pretty hard to do.

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling that DNA samples can now be taken from anyone who commits a crime got less than a two-day mention from most news programs. Once it was defined as the same thing as taking your fingerprints most Americans went back to sleep regarding the issue. DNA is not the same as taking your fingerprints. You can smudge a fingerprint. You can wipe it clean. You can if so inclined change yours if you have the money, but your DNA is you; the ultimate identifier. The founding Fathers wanted you to have a gun we are told; surely they wanted you to be able to control your identity as well!

While most could care less if the key has been thrown away on Guantanamo prisoners, there seems to be a mild new blip of interest in people upset about the government knowing whom they call everyday. Unfortunately the ultimate thump-er of any discussion on personal freedom is always, “in lieu of National Security” the government needs to keep tabs on this stuff. And given the fact that the climate for home grown bad guys is just as ripe as ever any fuss to be made about you’re phone records from anyone in power is going to be short and to the point. As in, “we are looking into it!”

Congress sheepishly acknowledged that it has been okay with the practice for years and reminds us in a time of war or high threat suspicion, personal rights in America are often suspended with no more than the signing of a piece of paper those signing didn’t even read. Knowing that may be the scariest thing about the whole situation of National Security. If we are willing to let think tanks and fear groups determine when and if we have rights, it makes little difference what our rights actually are; and that is something we all need to take a good hard look at.

Regarding who gets to know whom  you make phone calls to, the answer to that question is easy. Boycott the phones and watch how loud money talks and Congress suddenly decides that maybe this practice of listening to us isn’t such a good idea after all.

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