Time to fire a few eggheads

Most Republicans would agree that the sooner the American people get over the commotion they created by shutting down the government the better; at least for them. The same political party that led America on the wildest spending spree in the history of modern day finance under the Bush administration suddenly has a new mantra about debt!! That being, it must be brought under control; at any cost.

Almost snickering the saying “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs,” and that someone is going to suffer to get this mess straightened out, seventy senators or so took over the American government in a bloodless coup to get their point across. For over three weeks they held tight control over the lives of millions of Americans while agency after government agency ground to a halt without funding. No government agency went without cuts or asking its employees to work without pay except for the senators and other members of Congress themselves. This all-taking place on the heels of a government sequester that is forcing automatic cuts in spending by government agencies across the board.

It is a fact people went hungry. Children in government supported school lunch programs were not fed and glitches that arouse in food stamp programs were not addressed because there was no one on duty to address them! Cancer treatment programs were curtailed and people did not get their medicines while clinical trials came to a near standstill. Government investigations on the salmonella outbreak in California ground to a halt putting thousands in danger of being infected by the bacteria on food they had bought. The CDC issued no reports on the flu and the early outbreaks flaring up around the country, while food inspectors were idled instead of inspecting shipments of produce and meats entering the country. Sadly if one understood how little of the food we get from foreign soil is really inspected, the shutdown would almost seem negligible to that area of our lives.

Most Americans have come to see these actions not as a realistic attempt to address debt issues, but immature efforts of childish men to change laws already enacted and deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court. Americans physically suffered because of the shutdown. Yet the disconnect is so great between Washington and the American people that two weeks hence of the ending of the shutdown, no apology has come forth from these men to those they hurt uneccessarily and the conservative media still claims these men did the right thing in bringing America to its knees financially. The senator’s affectless actions to cut spending and hold the Affordable Care Act hostage in negotiations was not only a mockery of our system to make laws, but did damage to the confidence Americans have in their elected officials that will last for years to come.

In looking for the reasoning behind the shutdown we all have to ask ourselves a very important question. How did seventy like-minded senators bring our county to the brink of financial ruin? All while under the watchful eye of a twenty-four hour news media that screams terrorists threat at the slightest hint of intrusion.  At best of those whom did this, few Americans can even name one of the senators? Ted Cruz being the only one most media even reported on. Cruz by the way after the shutdown ended returned home to Texas to two fundraisers that reports say were very successful!

Hard truth of the matter is we are still trillions of dollars in debt. It is not going away. Tactics like the one just tried hurt everyone and while no one is going to achieve debt reduction on their own, unless our government starts to work together we all face a very bleak future indeed. One has to wonder  though come next election, if firing a few eggheads might indeed address the issue of making us feel better about Washington, even if it does little to address the debt! Wonder indeed!

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